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  1. Still waiting on a BACS payment requested to my account early last Thursday. It's now Wednesday the following week and my banking hasn't updated since 24th March. Regardless of Bank Holiday, the BACS system is horribly outdated. Diabolical in this day and age really.

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    2. alexisj9


      Unless they express the payment I think it normally goes in on the third working day, which would be tomorrow. 

    3. CreweCold


      When money can be transferred instantly, why do we all just accept this system. Basically it benefits the banks. And then there's fees. When the banks were bailed, Labour didn't have the balls to set down some conditions that would benefit the average consumer. They had their chance to abolish fees altogether and blew it.

    4. alexisj9


      Well I don't think any government will abolish banking fee's it's how the banks make their money. Doesn't make it right, will be shocked if it changes.

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