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  1. <sighs> Oh any chance to reminisce! πŸ˜‰ Dec 2010 feels like a dream in comparison to most recent winters. I still can't really believe it happened - we had snow on the ground here for 48 consecutive days! 1st December looked something like this.... ...which was lovely for me but my landlord wasn't so happy. His barn collapsed under the weight, as did many other barns in Fife that month: I was incredibly fortunate to have started working from home a few months earlier so didn't need to commute, which is just as well because we couldn't get off the hill for two wee
  2. It's a real mix. Hovering at over 7C here and still no air frost this season 😞
  3. 13.4C here earlier this evening, which makes it the mildest November day since I started recording data in 2010 ☹️
  4. The glow it casts is bonkers, especially when there's low cloud. We're ten miles away here but on the worst days, even here, it sounds like there's an idling tractor behind the house. Must be an endless nightmare for folk in Cowdenbeath, Crossgates and Lochgelly etc.
  5. I've always taken my rain gauge readings with a pinch of salt but that's actually reassuring. I've recorded 60mm here since yesterday morning.
  6. Ooo it'd be nice! It brings to mind two decent walks in snow during early falls but there were quite some time ago now. Second week in October back in 2011 and having a lovely blizzard below Stob Binnein: And then even better....in 2007 I think.....two inches of snow on Conival and Ben More Assynt towards the end of September: Didn't last long though, that September one. It had all melted by lunch time. Made it memorable though πŸ™‚ My memories of the first few years in Fife from 2010 onwards are that the Cairngorms got their first decent lying snow in October every yea
  7. Oh lord, I remember saying that at the start of last winter πŸ˜‰
  8. Rancid. Rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid!!!!!!! The most rancid day in a veeeeery long time. 30mm on the rain gauge here so far. I feel for all you westies having to put up with this kind of thing for the 90% of the year when the lows spin everything in YOUR direction πŸ˜‰
  9. Ugh, my roof leak still hasn’t been properly sorted since the August storm. Really not looking forward to this ☹️
  10. Peaked at 12C here, and coupled with the lengthening shadows it does make it feel more seasonal. It was about time we got some single digit nights up here as the persistence of mild nights was pushing the month to be the mildest of the ten Septembers I've had here in the Lomonds. But thankfully the run of cooler days is bringing it back down to something closer to average. Same happened last month with August. It was set to be the mildest I'd recorded but then the final week brought it down a tad.
  11. You can do a lot worse! πŸ™‚ I like your weekend routine of smaller hills one day and bigger hills on the next, a great way to spend the weekend when the weather is favourable. I wasn't out & about on the Saturday but Sunday morning headed up Ben Vrackie from Killiecrankie. Gawd it was glorious! 4C at the start so lovely and fresh and cold, with no midges, no ticks.....and only one ked! The same sadly couldn't be said for the previous Friday on Fraochaidh when I was picking keds out my hair at the rate of one a minute for 9hrs. Horrid! Couldn't detract from an ot
  12. Ah that’s interesting. We only had a handful where the bang came within a second or two but there plenty of flashes originating from somewhere off to the right (west).
  13. Cobbled together some footage from Tuesday night. We're fortunate I think, being up so high, that we got to see pretty much every flash going! Like a true pro.....I didn't have a fully charged battery πŸ˜‰ So had to break off a few times to charge it for 10 mins or so but otherwise it's all in real time. I'll never forget it!
  14. Jeez!! I'd only say what everyone else has been saying. Never experienced anything like that in my life. Don't know what was happening on the side of the house but one of the ceiling air vents in the bathroom deposited loads of water on the floor. And the top floor flat I rent out in Edinburgh sprung several leaks too. Power must have gone off and on a dozen times before staying off for about three hours this morning. Walking outside just now, you can't believe any of it happened!
  15. Couple of brief power cuts here but we're hanging on. Been standing at the door for nearly four hours!!!
  16. Oh glad to hear someone else experienced that. I pointed it out to colleague this afternoon in West Lothian as we were stood outside talking.
  17. The storm was off to the west over Kinross, but it certainly looked the part from here ?
  18. Yeah it was weird, can't say I've ever experienced that. There was cloud below us and above us, with that eerie yellow light, and then pinkish haar came rolling up the hill accompanied by rain, lightning and thunder. Really odd. Couldn't take my eyes off it!
  19. I had an amazing sunrise up above the haar in Fife on Monday.....and for once I actually filmed footage rather than simply taking photos ?
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