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  1. Good afternoon. Been lurking as i always do at this time of year nice to see the usual suspects here. I have a question. With the ground being so wet from the rain, will any snow stick and not just melt away? Regards
  2. Snowing in Dukinfield small flakes. Just jumped in car to go mate in Cheadle snowed all the way round m60 and in Cheadle flakes 5p to 20p size. Not hard though just a consistent moderate/light snow. Considering thete wasnt much hope for my area and Stockport etc bonus
  3. The warning extends east across manchester into glossop and practically into shefield hows that missing east Manchester?
  4. Postponed? Pretty Much ALL the way through the run However its not getting down to the lower levels BUT this Says to me the vortex is Potentially going to split all the way to the top. This to me means that the models are certainly going to be interesting viewing especially IF this split continues to be modeled.
  5. I'm probably not that far from you and it absolutely lashed it down here.
  6. No Surprise there the way that roof is angled Great its absolutely throwing it down and in this wind its horizontal
  7. Must admit it is rather a bold statement. I have been lurking here for a few years now and would have thought that view is in a minority just from the volume of the knowledge here. Im not criticising you for that view, its your view and i respect you for having it. However im merely highlighting that consensus is that a vortex is just that...a vortex. So by its name it would suggest that there is a relation of all layers to the others, wouldnt it?
  8. It would be mighty interesting. Would this help to get a scandi high? Goes right upto 30mb level almost to 20mb level.
  9. Interesting to see this happening @ T252 At T384 upto 10mb @ T384 too I Know its FI but its been there on a few runs now.
  10. But it is the vortex though yes? Gets bigger upto T384 Appears at 20mb @ T384 and at 10mb T384 Would i be right in saying that its a FI split upto 10mb level???
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