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  1. A decent covering of snow on the tops above Hebden Bridge following a couple of days of wintry showers. Sledging tomorrow it is then!
  2. A slightly, urm, different look at the same; https://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2366&category=Environment (Don't shoot the messenger
  3. Hi, I saw a spectacular green fireball last night. About 1.29am to the west of Hebden Bridge. I thought it was a firework at first it was so bright in the night sky. Lasted a few seconds before fading. I went on twitter and found several other people who saw it from as far apart as Manchester, Warrington and Belfast. Also got reports of sightings around the same time from Argentina and the US but I imagine they were seperate incidents. NASA had said there was a very large asteroid passing earth yesterday so one has to wonder if smaller 'lumps' travel along with these big ones. It was the most
  4. Hmmmm.... I had hoped the ECM would have been more bullish in supporting a scandi HP tonight as most of the other models have tended this way, even including the half decent looking UKMET after its earlier 'mid Atlantic blob' approach however from a cold perspective I'm a little disappointed with it , so yes, beer is definitely the order of the day Mind you, it looks a colder solution when compared to the ECM 00 offering
  5. you can see the troughs on the infra red out to sea and in lee of high ground on here. The showers pep up when the air meets coasts or hills etc. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/map/#?map=SatelliteIRAndRADAR&zoom=6&lon=-3.16&lat=54.08&fcTime=1421406900
  6. It does look like a trough starting to push in from the Irish sea now. Might be slightly warmer around it but if you had snow today i'd say you will end up with a dusting by morning, even if it does turn to rain for a while..... Has the wind swung more westerly than northwesterly and picked up a little anywhere? what was it earlier?
  7. Ey up y'all. Been watching the showers come in off the Irish sea all eve, without a great deal of luck here. However, i notice that the wind is starting to veer back to a west of northwest flow just now. I think this might be a sign of a trough coming through the Irish sea and onshore in the next hour or two. Could be wrong but i noticed EURO4 thinks we should see some troughing by 6 am so perhaps theres hope of some snow in the next few hours?
  8. Nice one chaps. great to see some respect in here. Having watched the charts for week after week of mush i do feel that something a little special may happen before month out. from memory, once toppler after toppler sets up it only takes a short while for one of them to topple into scandi and away we go. Anyways..... I would just urge members to watch the dark colors lift out of Greenland and Eastern US and not focus too much on MJO, AO, NAO etc, etc. Just enjoy it and listen to the experts input for guidance. Paul, please remove my badge of honor, after eight years or so, it seems excessiv
  9. Spending the weekend camping at (and playing at) a festival in the Ribble valley this weekend with 2 smallish kids and my partner. Just wondering how bad this storm system is going to be there? It looks to me like it will be fairly wet from mid morning to late afternoon on Sat with rain at 30mm per hour for a short time (is this about right?) but i guess if its dry either side it might not make too much difference? Thoughts please?? Thanks
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