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  1. So how did the UK do for snow this winter? No bad if you ask me: The Stats: December: 28 days of 31 the UK had snow January: 26 days of 31 the UK had snow February: 27 days of 29 the UK had snow So out of a possible 91 days, the UK recorded snow on 81 days. Of the 10 days where snow was not recorded, 6 of those were under a high pressure area, where no precipitation fell.
  2. I did. see my repost. How do you delete a post Le Pantz?
  3. For this current meteorological winter, the UK has had snow on the following days: December 28 out of 31, January 26 out of 31 and so far for February, 10 out of 12 days. Those days where it didn't snow in the UK, 4 were of rain days and the others were where a high pressure sat over the country so no precipitation recorded. Cold weather being stopped from getting to the UK?
  4. On January 11th Oslo recorded a minus 4.2 and on the 10th recorded a minus 4.3.
  5. Just thought I would let the good people know how the UK is doing for snow this winter. My observations are thus: So, as we wind up January and head off into the last month of the meteorological winter, how has the UK been doing for snow? Well for December we had 28 snow days out of the possible 31, and for January, we had 26 out of 31, and of 3 of those none snow days, a high pressure area sat over the UK so no precipitation fell. It could be said then, that of 28 days of possible wintry precipitation, the UK received snow on 26 of those 28 for January. Therefore out of a poss
  6. Just to let the good folk on here know, that in December of this winter, it snowed on 28 days out of the 31 and so far this January it has snowed 23 days out of the 28 days of January, somewhere in the UK west of a line from Exeter to the Wash. It might not have snowed where you are but there has been plenty occurrences this winter...and we are not into February yet. 51 out of the 59 ain't bad especially when of those 8 days when it didn't snow, there was no precipitation because of a sitting high pressure area.
  7. Just thought I would let the folk on here know, that for 28 days of our 31 for December, it has snowed somewhere in the U.K.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the east side of the UK from about the Wash northwards gets a little bit of the white stuff next week.
  9. On my side of Dartmoor (East) I now have 12" of standing snow. This is more than the Beast from the East mark 1. Looks like a further 12 hours of snow too.
  10. Continued heavy snow on the East side of Dartmoor. Fields, cars and roofs now getting an even covering. Thankfully, the gritters were out this morning so locally, roads are still clear.
  11. Just started snowing hard on the east side of Dartmoor. Large flakes and windy too (12.09pm)
  12. According to Netweather's own Jetstream summary for the next 14 days, they too have the Jetstream moving North of the UK but all this does is to reinforce the cold east air with cold Arctic air. not sure where the mild air is going to come from with the uppers coming in from the North.
  13. My weather radar is saying that it is either snowing or hail falling over Bodmin Moor as I type this. Looks like Dartmoor will get either as well tonight.
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