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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the east side of the UK from about the Wash northwards gets a little bit of the white stuff next week.
  2. On my side of Dartmoor (East) I now have 12" of standing snow. This is more than the Beast from the East mark 1. Looks like a further 12 hours of snow too.
  3. Continued heavy snow on the East side of Dartmoor. Fields, cars and roofs now getting an even covering. Thankfully, the gritters were out this morning so locally, roads are still clear.
  4. Just started snowing hard on the east side of Dartmoor. Large flakes and windy too (12.09pm)
  5. According to Netweather's own Jetstream summary for the next 14 days, they too have the Jetstream moving North of the UK but all this does is to reinforce the cold east air with cold Arctic air. not sure where the mild air is going to come from with the uppers coming in from the North.
  6. My weather radar is saying that it is either snowing or hail falling over Bodmin Moor as I type this. Looks like Dartmoor will get either as well tonight.
  7. Is that a trough I see developing from N.Ireland, through Manchester, Birmingham and West of London? If it is then tonight could be very interesting for us in the South West. https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual
  8. A further update to my earlier "trolling" post, with the 500 hPa winds now North and North East, this has brought into the play the much needed moisture to create rain or snow showery activity along the east coast. As I thought would happen (hence my post) it is now snowing along the Scottish east coast (they have had very little snow this winter) and along the N.E England coast and touching East Anglia. The change in the 500 hPa has created the snow showers to be a day early. It will be interesting to see how far inland these showers get especially as dew points should be rising ahead of the showers. If it stays this way, looking good for tomorrow on the east side of the UK. Trouble is with that direction of wind, unlikely to see the snow along the channel coasts but we shall see.
  9. Who is being a naysayer? All I'm doing is pointing out the actuality of what the weather is doing. I thought this was a weather forum. In any case, if you look back at a previous post of mine, I did say that if the expected low coming up from the south does not fill, then those in the southern Counties of England can expect some pretty good snow fall, which is what I was hoping for.
  10. Please feel free to use the ignore button if you wish. All I've done tonight is to tell you what is happening to the upper atmospheric winds at 18,000ft and to a small cluster of rain showers which is now turning to snow when it reaches land in the East of Scotland and N.East England. I've also mentioned that I have noticed that temperatures in the far west of our region have started to increase. My only assumption in my post was a personal opinion as to why the forecasts are changing on an hourly basis. I also offered advice that it might be prudent to wait until Tuesday before you wax the runners on your sledge. Now, if you feel the need to ignore me and call me a troll, feel free.
  11. Sorry to be the bearer of the news Karlos, but it is what is happening now. Oh and sorry to hear Arsenal lost today.
  12. I note that the 500 hPa (18,000ft) is now a Northerly bringing in Scandinavian air across the east as I speak. This is bringing in moist air in the form of high cirrus cloud and possibly altostratus. As a result temperatures are starting to rise in the North East of the country. There is a small block or precip' just off the N.E coast which is falling as rain at present. I also note that temperatures are starting to rise in the far South West (plus 5 being recorded) as the active front which will possibly produce the low pressure area on Tuesday moves ever closer to the west of us. No wonder the forecasters are struggling with a confirmed outcome. Even Tuesday might show variations for Thursday!
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