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  1. Looks great on the radar in your area. Post up some photos in the morning if you can - will enjoy the snow vicariously through you!!
  2. Quick question... Although I have a subscription to the NW radar, I downloaded an Android app called Dark Sky after seeing it mentioned on here somewhere in the last day or two. After playing with it, seems pretty good and user friendly with a lot of info. That said, anything could impress at first glance with some flashy graphics. Wondered if anyone else has used it for any length of time and what your opinions are?
  3. Best of luck with your vigil at the window - I'm heading to bed soon as I have to get up in about 5 hours!! Just hoping that by midday on Weds we can better guess the conditions on Thursday - I have a meeting scheduled near Exeter that I drive to. Normally leave Epping around 5am to get there for 8.30 and start the return journey at 3 in the afternoon. Usually hit the M25 at 5pm and its bloody awful without adding snow into the mix!! Will cancel early afternoon on Weds if there is a chance of heavy snow en route but am conscious there will be a lot of mickey-taking if it then doesn't
  4. Cheers Sno' Hardly ever post on the forum despite joining a while back. Just looked at my profile, its actually almost 10 years ago - where has that time gone!! Prefer to read and try to learn from the folks on here with a lot of knowledge - Steve Murr, BA, Chionomanic, Captain S to mention just a few. Was a complete novice back then but would like to think that I have a better understanding now of models and synoptics from their posts over the years. Still class myself as a complete amateur though - every day is a school-day!! One thing I'm pretty sure of though is th
  5. Wow, it's quiet in here tonight and having read back a few pages, quite a few annoyed/disappointed posters!! Think the problem stems from the current set-up being called the Beast from the East. That suggests to the mind Russia & Siberia, the most common next connection with these places being heavy and prolonged snow, several feet deep etc. Some of the media in the UK positively encourages this train of thought. The "Beast" was only ever meant to bring an uncommon period of deep cold to the UK - which it has. Any accompanying snowfall is a sideshow rather than a certainty w
  6. I am in Epping looking out of a second floor window towards Harlow and it is blue sky in that direction. Think what you were looking at will go several miles to the north of here and North London. Can't see any showers here for the next hour or so.
  7. A dusting on the pavements, grass and cars here in Epping, everything has turned white. Still coming down reasonably hard but the flakes are tiny - would be hard to see if not in front of a light.
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