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  1. Sat under the cell in Thanet, Been good this year for storms here, The end of may was epic. This one just keeps back building over us and getting heavier then fading then building again, Nice few strikes of lightening but nothing extreme, I'd say the rainfall levels are getting high now though, Few hours it's been going and it built very quickly out of nowhere, directly above! My garden really needs it though! Right under it and very heavy rain so not to good for pics. Some beautiful cloudscapes earlier though, Might get a nice few later if it passes out to sea.
  2. Hi Guys, Got hit nicely last night! You could hear it coming for a while rumbling in the distance like a distant aircraft, Was constant! Saw it was at 640 strikes a minute when it was in the channel. By the time it got to me it was running at about 200 strikes per minute. Lasted over three hours in all. The core of the cell went past about 2.30am. Pics are from just after midnight. Lightning was some of the best I've ever seen in this country.
  3. Morning all, Have asked a question related to the stratosphere here http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/76074-russian-meteorite-and-weather-patterns/ Wondering if the coming cold was caused by the Russian meteor, Similar to a SSW, Would the energy released in this not have warmed differnet layers of the atmosphere. It was a huge energy release measured all around the world on nuclear monitoring stations. Was there heating showed over the area in question on Feb 15th? I can see cause n effect potential but wouldn't know where or how to look for the evidence.
  4. I've seen a lot in the last few years too Legritter, Work nights a lot and I'm driving in the early hours often, I had a dream a few years back being told to expect them..haha. On another note I've asked a question as to what effect on the weather it would have. Any ideas? Anyone studied this before? I think it may have casued our coming cold spell rather like a SSW. http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/76074-russian-meteorite-and-weather-patterns/
  5. Not exactly hard data but i came across this thread, a little skeptical as i see it has been edited on March11th 2011. But looking at the dates and replies it looks like a genuine prediction based on the moons influence. Accurate prediction?
  6. How about Geothermal energy. A bit harder for a country like us but Japan and all ring of fire/volcanic countries should consider that I feel.
  7. Deepest sympathy's go out to all effected. Just came across this video, 4 mins in there is some ground footage showing the first wave coming. Staggering. Tsnami Footage Surprised to hear talk of haarp on this site. It's all speculation without hard evidence, but as it's a military project you will never hear the details of it to be able to provide hard evidence. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been talked about regarding the jet stream abnormalities, prime suspect for that blasting the ionosphere. As a sound engineer I can tell you the principle behind it is very accurate. We ha
  8. Hi coast, Not a lot by the looks of that. Was more intrigued by the hurricane look of the formation, I saw a low pressure on the charts around there for that time, was this just a low pressure? had a what looked like a well defined eye. Amazing formation for that far north. Thanks Meso
  9. Hi all, Looking forward to the storm season, hopefully more than last year! Not sure what thread to put this in. Currently some lightning around what looks like a polar low? just of the cost of Norway.
  10. Thanks for last years image. It does indeed look very similar in the Atlantic.
  11. Thanks for the updated animation. Still looks abnormal around the Gulf Of Mexico to me. That whole area has not been the same since the oil disaster.
  12. I appreciate your effort, i have been viewing nearly every day. Keep it up please. Meso
  13. Thanks for that. Really interested to see where we go from here with the Atlantic sea temps, only really the last few weeks it gets very interesting. Starting to look like the Atlantic wants its own version of la Nina!
  14. Your eye's don't deceive you, only other peoples influence on your mind.
  15. Hasn't this been going on since the 50's at least? Cloud seeding has been happening for years. Why are we always looking for quick fixes and new ideas to deal with a system we have developed that is against the natural way of things. Can we not stop the raping of our world by big business at the source rather than spending more money and fuel forming groups to study ways to cover the wound rather than healing it. Beam me up Scotty, i think i landed in the wrong planet!
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