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  1. It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you our dear friend and weather buddy Chris Mantle lost his short battle with cancer and passed away last night. Chris was a big part of our community on the SE & EA thread, for those of us that had the pleasure of meeting him in person at our regional get together events know he was a true gentleman, although some of us have moved on from Netweather I thought I would share the sad news as I'm sure there are still many here who will remember him fondly - RIP Chris x

    Ali - aka MKSnowangel


  2. Same here- knew it would be windy - but not quite as wild as this! Crap weather - hate it.

    Same in MK unfortunately I'm expecting a crappy nights sleep here as there is stuff banging and crashing around outside, I'm working tomorrow so I'm certainly not going to feel like a little ray of sunshine in the morning !

    I would imagine it's worse on the Coast but nothing compared to up north .....no loss of power or sheds blowing across the road (yet lol) - stay safe everyone :-)

  3. Hey guys how is everyone! ? Cant believe winter is apon us again! Pleased to see lots of old faces.

    Well it was a bit here today and gone tomorrow really as most of the posts from last night got deleted including a poem by abruzzi spur - there was noting wrong with anything that was said and certainly noting created hassle for the forum team !

    As they say actions speak louder than words so have a good winter folks ....... Bye :-)

  4. 27 May 2014 Storm chaser Scott Sheppard gets hit by lightning while shooting video out the window near Fairburn, South Dakota.

    The strike hit his arm and then traveled down to the ground and blew a hole in the pavement. The lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car, both of which had to be towed. Scott has a sore arm but is otherwise OK.



  5. Morning all,


    Looks like I made the right choice getting out of the region for the last couple of days, I certainly haven't missed anything here, I had a wonderful time with Mr P in Liverpool and the weather was great....











    ....no blue sky back here in MK just grey clouds and soggy today...so back to earth with a bump it is at least I'm so busy with work I haven't got time to really notice !!







  6. Morning all and happy Easter weekend http:////nwforum.r.worldssl.net/forum//public/style_emoticons/default/angel.gif




    I'm making the most of the dry bit of the long weekend here in MK and enjoying the blossom and lovely spring weather today and tomorrow....





    ....hopefully by going up to Liverpool Sunday and Monday I will be missing the worst of the rain - seems like the weekend is very much a game of two halves....



  7. Just to let you all know incase anyone is having issues the login system has been changed to use secure pages for all logins, password changes etc. This will have the knock on effect of some browsers forgetting login information for the forums, so if you can't remember your current password and find yourself locked out, just use the forgotten password link on the page and the system will send an email to you straight away.

    We would recommend that you take the opportunity to update your password, and also check that your email address is up to date which you can do on the page below:


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