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  1. If the insane charts from GSF deep in fi are to be believed, start March could be fun. Was going to post a couple but will hold off a day or 2 and see if there is life in it. ECM possibly toying with building heights to the north or NE right at the end of the run but that may all be gone breakfast time tomorrow. Certainly nice charts to look at and I’d enjoy another chase. 🤞
  2. Crazy how quick the snows melted. Still quite a bit this morning and now nothing other than the mountains neighbours have made outside drives- mine included 🏔. Good though as it’s such a mess in the later stages. Lovely out today 🌞. Really mild👍. MO still hanging onto a sparkle of hope regards a possible cold shot early March in the extended . Works for me😎.
  3. Yep, and the ECM // showing similar that time. MO also not moving away from the possibility in the extended. To be fair, it is still only February. Plenty time for another cold shot.
  4. Lots of reports of Thundersnow around Stonehaven and Laurencekirk area on Facebook, but nothing on the detectors. Maybe it’s doesn’t show in snow compared to rain on them ?? 🤷‍♂️
  5. And so the chase begins again. Similar been showing up on a couple of models or not far off it. MO also not really moving away from the possibility in the extended 👀
  6. Yeh, it’s brutal chasing snow, but I’ve always been amazed by it, since I was tiny🤷‍♂️. On a positive, it’s likely snowing here again from the tiniest piece of convection
  7. This spell had been brilliant fun watching it unfold on here. All the pics and endless enthusiasm from everyone. Not posted much but always watching. The whole things has been quite a commitment 😂, from watching the MOD since early December and then that increasing to watching every model run start to finish for 3 weeks prior to the spell - and all the ups and downs that come with that. Then the pain of the transition due to the slow moving occlusion getting out the road prior to deep cold air arriving. Followed by 20 hrs of grey sky easterly and the worry of that - a dry easterly🙈. Ev
  8. So we are now defo on the north side of the convergence and have a blob from the NE moving down and picking up convection- I assume as it meets it. Everything been due east up till now
  9. I’m certain the level snow is now deeper that 2010 here. There were more drifts then but this level. Must be around 10” now.
  10. Slowly becoming buried from this stream ...... very 2010 ish. 2018 was very high winds and didn’t give us depth like this.
  11. The band in the NS looks to be expanding as it approaches. Less gaps as it moves east 👀
  12. Not posted in here for ages, but this event turning out quite well so far here. The tail of that line stretching out into the North Sea appears to moving slightly north aswell behind the shallow convection off Aberdeen.
  13. What's happened to MO site? Doesn't look like it's updated since this morning on any of the pages
  14. Greetings kilted thread. MOT in meltdown. Likely to overload tonight. Fantastic charts to see. Hopefully some fun on route.
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