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  1. Is this all a dream?? .....Please don't wake up if it is, well until next weekend anyway! 😜
  2. METO are certainly onboard and I am only seeing upgrades for this area at present.... hope it upgrades for you all further West and those heavy showers push further inland 🤞
  3. Great updates from Met office, my phone notifications just went mad!! Thing are verifying, nice to have met office onboard too 😊
  4. Thanks for the welcome Southender! I haven't told a sole, promise... but I have been secretly waxing the sledges down in the shed at night 😀 Certainly the most exciting potential event I can remember in the past few years, fingers crossed for us all!
  5. I'm getting rather excited now about this upcoming event.... Being right on the coast here in Hawkwell, Essex it has been very dissapointing so far this winter to say the least. Trying to contain myself at this stage but it certainly does seem to be upgrading day by day at this stage, if the models are still good tomorrow I will allow myself to upgrade to 75% excited mode, currently at 60% 😀
  6. Some snow this morning here in Hawkwell, Essex but very wet, still nice to see it falling! Looking at the forecast there is seems to be some hope for us overnight into Friday morning with light snow from 2am - 6am on a NNW wind direction and temperatures around 0 degrees..... Any thoughts on this? First post so Hi everyone! T.
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