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  1. Northerly, Easterly whatever the wind direction we see either nothing or rain these days. It's been always on the cool side here in st Helens all winter but just absolutely zero snow at all.
  2. It feels colder today/tonight than it did yesterday here but if it actually is I don't know. However for St helens which is usually wet and mild it feels colder.
  3. Warnings now taken back to ice, let's hope Feb produces something. First winter where it's been cold nearly all winter but produced absolutely no snow.
  4. What always amuses me is southern areas are colder than we are and see more snow than we do. Unfortunately when the south get snow it becomes national news. I was disappointed by this 'cold snap' here in sunny st Helens.
  5. We caught between 2 blocks of snow/rain here in st Helens. Absolutely clear as a whistle. Sods law
  6. St.Helens, Haydock

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