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  1. Maybe wrong thread sorry but any lightning observations this evening ? Something lit up ensuite bathroom window just like lightning 30 mins ago. A set of very bright flashes - whiter than white colour. Exactly like lighting Checked weather radar nothing and checked lightning detectors nothing Can't hear any cars outside or people out and about and car lights are too too low to light up window. In fact it's near silent out there No street light that way either from the direction and angle it seemed to come from its just sky that direction Didn't seem like a torch as it
  2. 2 rumbles on thunder in total - rain now moved on - but wow that was impressive I noticed the MetO warnings were updated at 2am
  3. insane rain in Essex atm - heaviest rain I've ever seen I think - like someone just opened a flood-gate above - amazing one solitary rumble of thunder
  4. I was wrong when said subsiding - on storm no. 4 or 5 now - and this last one is very good
  5. even though surrounded by heavy returns - not hearing any thunder any more the cells all seem to have lost their "edge"
  6. torrential rain in Chelmsford - lots of lightning - radar return is pretty impressive
  7. the storm that has run through Chelmsford and now heading N-East is is pretty active now
  8. windblade you missed the one that went right inthe middle of those two arrows went straight over Chelmsford but developed quickly from not a lot you need another arrow on the plane of your place - just starting after your place .... <sorry>
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