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  1. I was wrong when said subsiding - on storm no. 4 or 5 now - and this last one is very good
  2. even though surrounded by heavy returns - not hearing any thunder any more the cells all seem to have lost their "edge"
  3. storms in Essex seem to be losing their intensity now
  4. torrential rain in Chelmsford - lots of lightning - radar return is pretty impressive
  5. the storm that has run through Chelmsford and now heading N-East is is pretty active now
  6. windblade you missed the one that went right inthe middle of those two arrows went straight over Chelmsford but developed quickly from not a lot you need another arrow on the plane of your place - just starting after your place .... <sorry>
  7. more lightning than last weekend for here now
  8. kicking off in Essex now - quite a bit of thunder
  9. quality of lightning last night = epic quantity of lightning last night = pathetic probably only had about 8 lightning strikes last night but each was pretty special - some of the longest (distance) and longest duration C-C crawlers I've ever seen - epic thunder associated with it pity not a lot of it
  10. lol knew as I wrote that something would happen what lightning there is is very sporadic but impressive - very long C-C crawlers lasting way over a second
  11. gone windy here in Essex - but no lightning for a while
  12. I love it when you hear the first "gun-shot" crack then as its so close it takes ages for the "roll" to get back to you radar is a right mess can't make head nor tail out of any individual cells