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  1. First crack of Thunder for the year - Chelmsford - Essex scratch that - just had another one first one was out of the blue was just in the garden and was like ooh
  2. well there is a yellow warning out for Snow in Essex and its snowing so I guess about right - none of it sticking though
  3. power cut map webpage is down for maintenance atm great timing !
  4. you should manage that - it did that in 15 minutes or so here in Chelmsford grass is pretty white
  5. quickly changed to snow in Chelmsford grass already has a light covering as does the car !!
  6. Essex etc in warning area did Essex have any substantial rain earlier ?
  7. ooh Big Storks quite rare up there ! watch your pets if you have any !
  8. well if you were expecting it - it would no longer be a surprise !
  9. that cell in South West looks strange on the radar - seems to be elongating? or is it just splitting to be multi-cellular?
  10. looks like Anaprop to me ? Estofex forecast out http://www.estofex.org/
  11. 18z seems to have pushed things a bit further East these things always move East will be in North Sea by 06z run tomorrow !
  12. Back in Essex now and near wall to wall blue sky Not a hint of instability atm