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  1. thought I just heard thunder in Chelmsford - sounded odd though
  2. 2 rumbles on thunder in total - rain now moved on - but wow that was impressive I noticed the MetO warnings were updated at 2am
  3. insane rain in Essex atm - heaviest rain I've ever seen I think - like someone just opened a flood-gate above - amazing one solitary rumble of thunder
  4. I was wrong when said subsiding - on storm no. 4 or 5 now - and this last one is very good
  5. even though surrounded by heavy returns - not hearing any thunder any more the cells all seem to have lost their "edge"
  6. torrential rain in Chelmsford - lots of lightning - radar return is pretty impressive
  7. the storm that has run through Chelmsford and now heading N-East is is pretty active now
  8. windblade you missed the one that went right inthe middle of those two arrows went straight over Chelmsford but developed quickly from not a lot you need another arrow on the plane of your place - just starting after your place .... <sorry>
  9. quality of lightning last night = epic quantity of lightning last night = pathetic probably only had about 8 lightning strikes last night but each was pretty special - some of the longest (distance) and longest duration C-C crawlers I've ever seen - epic thunder associated with it pity not a lot of it
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