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  1. That 10 min downpour caused a lot of accidents ?
  2. My Friends van was hit with falling ice that fell from the Queensferry Crossing ? southbound now closed until further notice.
  3. Just turned very dark and is snowing heavily here (Kelty) ?
  4. Haha, enjoy ? I’m in kelty and have the same glow in the sky. Mossmorran has been flaring a lot recently.
  5. Just looked outside and it is snowing, maybe some more later?
  6. Didn’t think we were due any snow until tonight but it’s currently lightly snowing here.
  7. Thunder and lightning here in west Fife too.
  8. Didn’t last long here but was nice to see anyway.
  9. My boiler died Friday night so it’s been a busy weekend arranging a new one. Hopefully today!! I’ve been freezing all weekend ?
  10. Yes just had 2 rumbles of thunder here too but no lightning that I could see.
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