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  1. Yes just had 2 rumbles of thunder here too but no lightning that I could see.
  2. Snow is back on here. Hopefully more showers when it’s dark.
  3. 2 very different forecasts. No idea how accurate GB weather is.
  4. Maybe a tad excited. It’s more sleety than snowy but still
  5. It’s snowing a nice surprise. Forgot what snow looked like it’s been that long
  6. Our boys are on winter break which means no games for 3 months. Utterly ridiculous. SYFA say no outdoor games at all!
  7. nice covering here on everything but the roads
  8. Klippie it was really heavy in Dunfermline when I left so expected it to be worse in Kelty. The flakes here are tiny lol
  9. I’m in Dunfermline and it’s snowing lightly. Knowing my luck I won’t get into Kelty in 30 mins
  10. It shows current and last 30 minutes. Think that band will fizzle out soon although accuweather predicts snow starting about 6pm.
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