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  1. School trip was cancelled. Severely disappointed kids with relieved parents!
  2. Hey guys. My child is off to Aberdour beach tomorrow to do some rock pooling and kite flying. Any knowledgeable people tell me if that area will be ok wind wise, not to powerful? School weren’t aware of any weather warnings which makes me a bit anxious
  3. Noooooo I’m moving house this weekend.
  4. My street was ploughed at lunchtime. Wouldn’t know it now.
  5. Exact same here at 2am. Currently chucking it down. Intensity way better than yesterday.
  6. Beautiful heavy snow right now.
  7. Yas!!! Like a blizzard outside.
  8. Been 11 minutes and still going
  9. I haven’t been out but gritters have been out all day I think. Been a lot of accidents m90 j5/6 and loch road was bad last night.
  10. Finally. It’s snowing proper
  11. So close but so far. Just plain cruel lol
  12. Snow is back on here didnt last long
  13. That is what I’m trying to work out. Tried to rewind the radar but I’m still clueless.