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  1. Great to have a continental influence today after weeks and weeks of mild atlantic southwesterlies, great to have winds from the east instead of the usual southerly/westerly direction, long may it continue, cloud starting to break up here too

  2. It's November 5th, it's 9C and I've never felt the sun this warm this late on in the year. It really feels like early spring and it's only 9C & solar noon isn't for another hour. What's going on?!

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Having worked outdoors for a number of years I know the sun can feel warm throughout the year no matter how low the temperature. Even at sub zero on a mid winter morning if you are out in the sun it can be very pleasant.

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  3. Halfway point of Autumn today the months seem to go quicker and quicker each year

  4. Hand picked and homemade blackberry and apple crumble with ice cream.... Delicious :)

  5. So many people saying they want a change and for there to be rain. Those wishes were occuring about 12 months go after a long dry spell and we ended up with that abhorrent damaging winter!

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      well of course I know that, but those same people then moan about there being too much!

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  6. Check me out with my own Red Arrows flypast...

  7. 'Normal' weather on a Bank Holiday Monday - it makes sense. :/

  8. 1st August tomorrow and some disgusting weather to come with it - you really couldn't make it up!

  9. Can you believe its 2 years since the start of the London Olympics?

  10. disappointing day, I have a feeling its game over for storms now, just a typical british monotone grey sky with moderate rain, 28c was forecast with widespread thunder showers, dont think so,

  11. Bit unfair of Glastonbury to put Dolly Parton on at 5, given her strict working hours.

  12. Beautiful sunset tonight!

  13. Sunny and warm all day, BBQ goes on and within 5 minutes it's clouded over with a cool breeze. Only in this country!!

  14. So sad to hear that Rik Mayall has died.The Young Ones.....Bottom ....Drop Dead Fred.....all classics imo.

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      And his reading of George's Marvellous Medicine on Jackanory!

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  15. Wow, that party broadcast from the English Democrats was bizarre...

  16. How can people wear thick coats in this weather? Madness.

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      A friend stopped her car to chat with me this morning, I could feel the heat blasting out through the car window plus she had a big coat on! This was near midday with warm sun shining.

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  17. Jose Mourinho is a..................................................................................

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      brilliant, passionate, controversial manager.

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  18. What a difference from easter 2013 to easter 2014 after the cold and snowy weather we endured last year to the sunny and clam start this year an eggcellent start to the long weekend much better than last year :)

  19. Typical, one of the warmest days this year and it has clouded over.

  20. Looking forward to some rain, countryside starting to look very dry and dusty, wouldnt think we had a very wet winter

  21. Anybody know of a lightning detector archive for the UK?

  22. BBC South forecaster saying "that's the last of the rain for this week"....ermmmm...

  23. That annoying time of year when blue sky and sunshine develops around 15:00 and the sunsets 85 minutes later

  24. Do Tottenham have to be on Sky every Sunday?

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