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  1. In May last year I locked my car keys in my car while in Cheddar on one of the Bank Holiday Mondays.

    How did I manage it?...

    ... I don't have central locking and the boot has to be unlocked manually. I unlocked the boot and absent mindedly put my keys into my fleece pocket before putting the fleece into the boot and shutting the boot - none of the doors had been unlocked before doing so = oops.

    After attempts to pick a lock and to prise the doors open there really was no choice but to break the glass in one of the small rear windows (chosen to cause smallest damage) with the help of a guy who was parked nearby who had a mallet and a towel to make the glass breaking safer - because, of course, when your car is fully locked you can't access your stuff either, can you!

    Since then I seem to check where my keys are far too often!

  2. Whatever the state of the waterway (whether as it is now or with an added feature of your

    choice), you can be darned sure that any children you are blessed with will explore it regardless!

    IMO it would probably be more dangerous as it is now (seems very open and fall-in-able) than

    with an added feature. Depends what you're thinking of course.

  3. Come on you Boks. South Africa have a real chance to win their second series in a few weeks against Pakistan. Two wickets down, but one of them is Harris and only 125 to get. We can do it... :drinks:

    The pitch they're playing on is shocking KY, I've never seen anything like it! To have no innings over 200 in a test match is just wrong. If Pakistan strike early then it's game on, good to see Smith back on form though.

    Heck, on current form England would be lucky to make 50 all out on that pitch :lol: .

  4. After about 20 mins (by which time we should have been on a bus to our pals' for steak pie and roast tatties) - we went downstairs and out of the front door for a smoke.

    A wise move at that stage of proceedings :whistling: .

    He chapped the door next-door (who was out taking his bike round to his mate's) and stuck his probe throught the letterbox - and was a bit concerend about the methane readings

    :lol: Sure it wasn't too many sprouts etc?

  5. So had a sip of water, and off I went.

    I'd advise you to have at least a glass of water Chris, not just a 'sip'. I usually only drink water, orange juice or tea. 1st thing is always a glass of water to (re)hydrate me after the night-time.

    Keep up your determination, I know how hard it is after my brother's attempts to quit, and the fact you've binned the remaining fags from that pack is a real forward step!

  6. Hey Katie did you like Sidmouth? You'll have to go back in the summer to check out the gardens and the quality ice cream shop :) .

    I remember being there in stormy weather a few times. Also one year, when my brother was working in a hotel, they actually had boulders from the sea defence thingys washed up on the promenade :blink: .

    As for Cameron Diaz hair, mmm, there's certainly something about Mary!

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