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  1. So many people saying they want a change and for there to be rain. Those wishes were occuring about 12 months go after a long dry spell and we ended up with that abhorrent damaging winter!

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    2. cheese


      Nooo, I want snow in the winter, not rain. >:-(

      If it ain't thunderin', it shouldn't be rainin'.

    3. Richard2901


      Last thing I want to see is rain. There's been more than enough of that this year including yet another vile weekend last week. What I want to see a change from is this disgusting cloudy high. Should have brought glorious weather but has just been dire.

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I didn't complain at too much last winter. I'm really not bothered if we get a bit of rain. I'm not bothered if we don't either. But it is nice to see a hint of some more changeable/thundery activity, was starting to think I'd see basically no weather for the whole of September before going back to uni around the 21st

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