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  1. 2 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Haringey Borough have walked off the pitch during their FA Cup match against Yeovil Town after their goalkeeper suffered racial from a section of the Yeovil Town supporters

    I think it should be noted here that Yeovil’s management and players agreed to walk off too in unison with Haringey.

  2. Do you know what makes those racists even sadder, there are 2 black players in their own team and the home captain had to go and plead with them to stop!

    I have the utmost respect for those 2.

  3. 1 hour ago, jtay said:

    Woohoo! Thunder!

    Horrible day though.

    The pupils at my wife’s school enjoyed it!

    1 hour ago, Lyn-M said:

    36.5mm to 09.00GMT.  Month's total so far 110.6mm.  First month of any name with more than one day 25+mm since January 2014.  Currently not raining and there's a bit of blue showing.

    Goodness, mapantz!  I thought we'd had a lot.

    That’s remarkable when you consider how dry the month has been until the last few days.

    34mm here from early afternoon yesterday until 10.00 today.

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