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  1. I’m with Mapantz in this, last week although so wet at times had plenty of sunshine too. I got washing dried in a few hours twice whereas this week it hasn’t dried at all.

    Monday started glorious but ended up with persistent light rain and hazy sun. Tuesday and yesterday were overcast all day with invizdriz at times. Today actually started quite clear but since 07.00 dullness and invizdriz have returned.

    So far as I can tell tomorrow will be similar so roll on the cold front to hopefully clear things up during Saturday!

  2. 4 hours ago, claret047 said:

    Good Morning to all in the south west and central southern England from a south-easterner.

    I am a Chelmsford City supporter and we have a rescheduled for this Tuesday evening away at Torquay United. The game was to be played a coupe of weeks back but cancelled the day before due to a waterlogged pitch. As a lot of supporters had already booked trains and hotel/ B & B accommodation they still traveled down to make the best of things.

    I have booked the coach for Tuesday with a departure time of 12 noon, but wonder if there any posters on here based in the Torquay who can give their view with existing conditions and what is likely to happen over the next couple of days as to whether the game is likely to go ahead.

    Kind Regards


    I don’t think we’re in for a damaging amount of rain anywhere in the SW. Even today it’s racing through so not even half an inch in my location from the last 18 hours. Then it looks showery the next few days but plenty of sun/wind too.

    Look out for the cultured left foot of Torquay’s Jake Andrews, he’s from my home town Westbury and on loan from Bristol City.

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  3. 1 hour ago, CheesepuffScott said:

    Cracking day! High of 16.8°C and now down to 12.1°C. Went cycling in t-shirt and shorts for the first time since October, was surprised to see people STILL in heavy coats.


    But that’s the impressive nature of the diurnal contrast between 08.00 and 13.00-16.00 .

    Those people may have gone out that early. For instance we went out at about 08.00 in coats, hats and gloves etc then this afternoon we went out in shorts etc!

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