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  1. Must be a good 7 to 8 inches in Frome, tried to get the car going on a slight incline - not happening ? Not going to try again until later on, too risky trying to get into Wokingham this morning.... Take care everyone
  2. Met Office app has heavy snow for Frome from 22:00 through to 04:00, I just cannot see it myself - not unless I'm missing something?? Looking at the radar, IMO it seems further east, Hampshire / Surrey / Berks looks like they will be getting the heavier PPN?
  3. I'm with you Khoods, I love a decent snow event, But i have to leave Frome at 4am (Friday) and travel to Wokingham - not looking forward to it at all.....
  4. Totally agree about the travelling, I'm working in Wokingham at the moment - so decided to book a hotel room for tomorrow night. Don't fancy travelling back from Wokingham to Frome in rush hour traffic with the potential of heavy snow :-)
  5. Any expert views on what to expect for Warwick/Leamington Spa? Reading the comments etc. I would imagine this location is going to be marginal at best? Thanks in advance
  6. In your view, how for North do you think this front will go - before heading back south? Thanks
  7. Working in Warwick this week, so may see some snow later this evening. As soon (if) the snow arrives I will get an industrial hair dryer and attempt to push it back to the South West for you guys....
  8. Evening All, just popped in from the South-West thread, I'm going to be working in Warwick this week (Mon-Fri), any views on the potential of any snow for Warwick Cheers
  9. looks like more PPN coming in from the west, fingers crossed for later on.....
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