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  1. Don't get me started on 2nd homes, that's the reason I now live in fakenham! Priced out of the village I have spent my whole life in by people who spend 1 weekend up here every 2 or 3 months. The coast reminds me of ghost towns this time of year
  2. Very interesting BBC forecast, even mentioning February! If the northerlies verify I'm just glad they are not coinciding with the large tides we have just had on the north Norfolk coast. Could have been worse than Dec 2013 Thanks for the help
  3. Could someone tell me the maximum dew point that you would expect to see snow? I know there are many other factors to consider. Thank you
  4. Yellow warning issued for snow/ice for north sea coastal districts. Wasn't expecting that tonight
  5. -1.6c here with dewpoint of -2.6c and I'm 200 metres from town centre. Just got back from brancaster beach and car showing -1c at beach car park. Did hit -3c on rural roads on way back. Hope the shower's make it into Norfolk tonight!
  6. I'm hoping for some reverse psychology to work a little magic here. Considering I work at a body repair centre with 140 cars onsite already, no courtesy cars left and currently booking drivable cars in February. I could really do without any frost/snow/fog.
  7. 0.8 c with dewpoint of 0.7c Sensor mounted on TV aerial above bungalow. Was freezing according to car at brancaster beach. Lovely sunny morning, just hoping for some showers off the north sea later. Is anyone else confused about whats going to happen? BBC saying one thing, met office something else. Both BBC and metoffice app flip and change on a 3 hour basis. Might just shut myself away from all media and see what happens
  8. So many mixed signals, BBC saying one thing, met office saying another! Never been so confused. Has anyone got a clue as to whether the north of the region is likely to get anything more than a dusting in the next few days?
  9. Slightly surprised with this covering of hail/sleet/snow this morning. Roads were treacherous
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