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  1. Isle of Wight. 3.1c and 1 dew point. And reports of snow falling in parts here!!!
  2. Positively warm on the Isle of Wight. 5.1c and 3.2 dew point. Just can’t see it getting cold enough.... can see the winds veering NW . . .hows the temps Cornwall way??
  3. Looks like a washout for the Isle of Wight. The precipitation comes in way to early today and wont get the NW flow til later in the day. Agh
  4. Icon looks fantastic for next week. Wasn’t it the flagship for the downgrade of the easterly in the last week or so!? If it was. You have to certainly take it very seriously for the start of trends.
  5. Snowing in shanklin on the Isle of Wight! Big flakes too! I’m staggered had it written down as sleet all the way
  6. So are we talking of another cool down later so we could see some snow a bit later?
  7. I can sniff rain a mile off..... and I’m 99% sure that is rain... maybe some ice chucked in.... I do hope it will turn back the other way through this evening
  8. There seems to be a lot of green in that can’t coming this way! I do hope it’s going to be gunned down by the cold air! Or we are screwed!
  9. I agree shanklin is off to an awfully poor start. Vertical light snow. Let’s hope we can come back on the rails a bit later ?
  10. I take it. It’s the start of the snow band heading for us in the morning. You can just see in France??
  11. Wow just issued a warning the streamer really must be gathering pace through the night!
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