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  1. We have sleet in shanklin on the Isle of Wight!
  2. Same here! White flag time for the Isle of Wight. I’ve been waiting for Monday morning as this was our biggest chance!! Didn’t need to look outside just heard the rain lashing on the window.../
  3. Probably one of the most level headed comments I've seen on here all day! Bravo!
  4. I was keeping an eye on the precipitation coming down from London way! But think it starting to disappear as it hits the city. Might keep an eye on it for an hour or 2 🤔. As for the weather late next week. I'm sure the models will turn again. They are all struggling with the scenarios ATM.
  5. Well said Frosty,There's quite a few of us, who have been burned in the past by chasing the T+240 charts. Great for trends but mid to late this week is what I'm focused on. Get the cold in first!! The rest will take care of itself!
  6. Shanklin on the Isle of Wight! I'm quite amazed how that settled on the grass etc! Decent period of snow! And coming down sill
  7. Yeah the black clouds looked ominous but skimmed Ryde and hit sandown,lake,shanklin etc couldn't believe it the channel looks very lively for you guys tonight! Good luck pal
  8. for the Isle of Wight its streaming down from the capital my friend..,. Been hooked on will it rain today for the precipitation
  9. https://f1.nwstatic.co.uk/forum/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-2587-0-30868500-1423163603.png Just got this from the south eastern forum. Precipitation building in the Thames... Fingers crossed
  10. Amazing South Isle of Wight got hit and the North got nothing an hour ago. Settled in places too grrrr... Is it just me or is the radar emptying out?
  11. When are the winds starting to veer to the easterly? As we are still drawing in from n/ws according to the local weather station?
  12. When did ian mention about the wind changing to an easterly direction? And wintery showers being blown further inland.was it tonight or tommorow night? And is there still a chance of this happening?
  13. The Isle of Wight is White! The drought is over! Love it looks like it might continue for a bit now. A streamer effect!
  14. to my untrained eye that's heading for the Isle of wight! Let's hope it doesn't fade out!