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  1. bbc says it should be snowing in high Wycombe now and its not can someone help am I too far west
  2. It's now raining after heavy snow whyyyyy ... Someone check the radar is there anymore on the way
  3. Generally got 50p size flakes how much can we expect surrey and when
  4. Heavy snow in high wycombe for 5 mins now not laying though massive flakes
  5. I live in high wycombe and met office says I'm due heavy snow at 5 am but the radar dosent show it why
  6. no snow here in high wycombe bucks it 2 years now :(

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    2. Ravendane


      just a ten minute dusting of powder here in Chesham

    3. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      got a slight dusting here, i don't think its cold enough for snow later though

    4. lassie23


      nowt here lol

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