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  1. plenty of the wet stuff falling around here today, typical really that now the cold has gone, heavy precipitation knows where Swansea is again
  2. have a feeling we'll see more showers in my neck of the woods this evening, but if we do, will they be snow?
  3. not holding much expectations for tonight, but will still keep an eye on the lamp post, good luck to all who want snow tonight
  4. was a dry start to the day, forecast good, washing out, however a rouge shower has resulted in a rush to get said washing in, typical isolated shower hit!
  5. Amber wind warning area expanded across more of the south Wales coastal counties this morning including Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Swansea and Neath Port Talbot http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=warnings&regionName=wl&fcTime=1454889600
  6. disappointing weekend weatherwise, been milder, snow over large parts of the UK except most of Wales , looking forward to a drier and colder day/night or two. Added insult this morning is that Facebook is reminding me of 3 years ago today when we had our (locally) last settling snowfall spells.
  7. January and February will generally continue to be rather wet (not as bad as December 2015) but with a few more drier interludes, staying mild but cooler during the drier interludes. Any wintery outbreaks will be reserved to parts of the NE of the UK March to May, drier but cooler than average, snow around Easter wouldn't be a surprise, expecting a few frosty early May mornings June to August, cool start, wet in the middle, and a UK wide warm to hot spell come August, SE England will probably have an above average summer throughout. September will continue the warmer trend but rainfall will be higher than average October to December, unsettled often stormy in October into November, (expect a few exTS/Hurricane interferences in 2016), colder December than 2015, maybe some snow, wont last to Xmas though. In summary a pretty unremarkable year for lovers of hot summers or cold winters
  8. it was a wet start that was briefly followed by a small drier interlude this morning, showery this afternoon, prolonged at times too. Currently in between showers, 7.9c, 94% RH, 982mb (Falling)
  9. another thundery spell across parts of the UK that doesn't affect most of Wales again, can see why the Wales thread is so quiet, starting to look like 2015 will be the year that we miss out on most weather events.
  10. been a nice sunny day here, seem to be getting the clear skies atm, cold clear night last night too.
  11. best to keep expectations low tonight, I fear that after midnight the showers will be more scattered just as it gets cold enough
  12. updated warnings âš out for Wales from 2pm,snow and ice.
  13. Have to agree with several posters here, so far this cool (cold ) spell is more akin to a post equinox wintry spell, hail, sleet, cold rain and any snow looking stuff that falls is gone within minutes, however I do think we may have at least one more shot, even the everchanging 5 day forecast by hours is now showing sleet and even snow shower symbols which it hasn't for my location within 36 hours of T0 this spell. So keep faith!
  14. seems like a few showers appearing off Pembrokeshire/Carmarthen bay area clipping the Gower area as they pass, nothing of note but shows they could pop up at short notice.
  15. looking increasingly this UK cold spell will give anything but snow here, my towel is thrown in, if its going to rain do it with temperatures above 10, so its more bearable
  16. the hour by hour forecast on the bbc website doesn't fill me with confidence, although with an early start tomorrow, ice is the last thing I want to contend with
  17. bit of thunder and lightning in the next band thats coming through
  18. I did tweet them about it and got this reply
  19. not looking forward to the strong winds tonight, I know I wont sleep

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    2. lindy2222


      Were high up so will be wild still got 6inches of snow on ground

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Wind and half a foot of SNOW!.. :O Is your house for sale by any chance :D

    4. lindy2222


      1350ft asl...........

  20. lets hope there's more snow chances, last night we mainly had hail and cold rain, as the wind was WSW which meant we must have picked up higher dewpoints off Carmarthen bay, WNW is best here in snow situations
  21. new wind warnings out, but one thing the Gower isn't in either warning even though most locations in the forecast have 50mph+ gust tonight and again mid afternoon tomorrow?
  22. another storm passing over Swansea, bright lightning with almost instantaneous thunder
  23. Relatively quiet night, we thankfully missed the worst of the weather here, my only concern is that the general public may not take the next warning as seriously after the media overload we seen this weekend.
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