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  1. one has just exploded up over me to the west of Swansea, thunder at least twice a minute
  2. plenty of the wet stuff falling around here today, typical really that now the cold has gone, heavy precipitation knows where Swansea is again
  3. have a feeling we'll see more showers in my neck of the woods this evening, but if we do, will they be snow?
  4. not holding much expectations for tonight, but will still keep an eye on the lamp post, good luck to all who want snow tonight
  5. was a dry start to the day, forecast good, washing out, however a rouge shower has resulted in a rush to get said washing in, typical isolated shower hit!
  6. January and February will generally continue to be rather wet (not as bad as December 2015) but with a few more drier interludes, staying mild but cooler during the drier interludes. Any wintery outbreaks will be reserved to parts of the NE of the UK March to May, drier but cooler than average, snow around Easter wouldn't be a surprise, expecting a few frosty early May mornings June to August, cool start, wet in the middle, and a UK wide warm to hot spell come August, SE England will probably have an above average summer throughout. September will continue the warmer trend but r
  7. not looking forward to the strong winds tonight, I know I wont sleep

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    2. lindy2222


      Were high up so will be wild still got 6inches of snow on ground

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Wind and half a foot of SNOW!.. :O Is your house for sale by any chance :D

    4. lindy2222


      1350ft asl...........

  8. another storm passing over Swansea, bright lightning with almost instantaneous thunder
  9. Relatively quiet night, we thankfully missed the worst of the weather here, my only concern is that the general public may not take the next warning as seriously after the media overload we seen this weekend.
  10. a day for lovers tomorrow and a day for tossers next tuesday #holidays

    2. bob_bruce


      At his age, he'll be lucky to manage just the one (pancake toss that is).

  11. lol at my mother watching the rugby #comeonwales #sixnations

  12. some people just love making a rod for their own back, Suarez time at Liverpool must surely has to come to an end for all parties sake!

  13. #stormchasers only this evening found out that new episodes are being shown in uk.
  14. cold and wet night, would say let it snow, but I don't want to get stuck locally tomoz.

  15. snow here in Swansea is not looking likely tonight/tomorrow but never say never.

  16. the hurt locker on film4 #movie

  17. FT: West Brom 1 : 2 Swansea

  18. Pretty snowy away from the city centre of swansea with elevation #uksnow

  19. early start tomorrow, ain't going to want to get out of a warm bed, thats a guarantee.

    1. jean91


      boy i understand you for me was this morning at -9.1c this morning

  20. jack frost is busy again today, plus room was so cold I thought I was in the fridge!

  21. snow chance of snow on Swansea on Saturday #fact

  22. small cut on my hand still bloody hurts, now plastered to stop it catching and sticking to the bed!

  23. Icicles in the motorway, definately a cold spell of weather.

  24. Might give this #bouncers a go on 4od tomorrow.

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