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  1. Looks like we should get some showers this afternoon and this evening, not expecting much in the way of accumulations, but it will be nice to see snow falling from the sky again
  2. Won't happen We need an E/NE for a streamer and the wind is NW/N
  3. They are barely trace amounts though, with the ground wet from previous rain there would be no settling snow in the region
  4. Not too excited till the Met come on board and issue warnings for the area Until they are on board i think amounts, if any, wont be much
  5. i dont think we will get anything out of the initial NW or indeed the northerly, never do well out of these sort of set ups The only hope is for disturbances and troughs to set in at short notice and bring snow to the region A lot of now casting ahead
  6. we never do particularly well out of a north westerly or a straight northerly though? we need a north easterly feed or an easterly dragging showers in inland off the north sea
  7. Nothing, and wasn't really expecting anything There is still a hope for tonight, would be good to see even a dusting before this spell ends
  8. This was never going to be a big event for our region anyway Steve even at his most optimistic had us down for max 3cm so narnia type conditions were never on the cards
  9. Bit of a damp squid atm, but the night is still young. The front is not meant to clear till late morning so there could still be some nice surprises in store
  10. They were Saturday night too and we got absolutely nothing, hope the opposite happens tonight
  11. Euro4 doesn't offer much for our region overnight or tomorrow, but after seeing no snow lying since 2013 I would be happy with even a dusting
  12. Disappointing, but things crop up out of the blue This current 'cold spell' was nowhere to be seen till about 4 days before it started, all the forecasts were about mild zonality I am still hopeful that we will get some nice surprises this winter
  13. Feb 3rd 2009 was a Thames streamer not a channel low, when the Met put up a red warning for my area it was probably 3rd happiest day of my life after my wedding day and the birth of my daughter
  14. Sounds like the Met Office are siding with the Euro4 atm London/SE is the most highly populated part of the, UK so if there was likelihood of more than a dusting I would have thought the Met would release warnings, we are inside the reliable timeframe Until the Met come on board with warnings it is difficult to get too excited
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