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  1. With all the towels now thrown in, I expect some very cold charts to appear in the next couple of days.
  2. Just recorded -10 on the car thermometer at Odiham in Hampshire.
  3. At least 6" of snow here and still going - although very lightly. An amazing surprise. Internet down for a couple of hours and SKY not working. Other first world problems include damage to my box hedges and holm oaks.
  4. Great to hear you are now getting your longed for snowfall. Let's hope it turns into a dumping.
  5. Incredible stuff. My son has just had to abandon his car a mile or so from home. All roads blocked around the Odiham/North Warnborough (North-east Hampshire) area.
  6. Huge fluffy snowflakes have been coming down moderately/heavily for the last hour just ENE of Basingstoke. Have had 3-4" already with no sign of a let up. Jack-knifed lorries and roads blocked all around. Keep it coming.
  7. Already out of date. I'm at 100 metres and there has been at least 4cm already. Still going strong with big flakes.
  8. Heavy snow now. Big flakes. I was joking earlier when I said that people will get stuck on the roads around here but it's not a joke now. If this keeps going then there will be plenty of roads closed.
  9. BBC somewhat underplaying this event in north Hampshire. Cars getting stuck on the Odiham to Alton road, my wife being one of them. She's only a couple of miles from home but she might have to spend the night in the car. However, it's not all bad news. My local is literally only 100 yards away so if she is stuck I can get my supper there.
  10. Looks like it has a chance of turning from sleet to snow for you later this afternoon as temperatures drop. The precipitation is definitely buildin south-east from where I am. Fingers crossed.
  11. Light to moderate snow for the last half an hour in north-east Hampshire. Footprints being filled in and trees getting covered again. This is turning into a great spell in this part of the world.
  12. Just took the dog for a walk in the hills around north Hampshire having driven around the area beforehand. 3-4" of snow everywhere with very little melt and a temperature of 1C. I had no idea how bad the conditions were until I got home and watched the BBC news. The presenters, all of whom were obviously at work, were advising people in the area not to venture out because of the horrendous conditions. Presumably their jobs are much more important than ours.
  13. Got about 3-4" here in north-east Hampshire - so pretty pleased. Right at the top of the estimates for the area south of London. Dog is going mad in the garden and have had to knock off the accumulations from some bent over bushes.
  14. Just started snowing in north-east Hampshire. Come on keep going. Radar looks a bit weak and patchy but we have many hours of potential still to come.
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