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  1. Pretty bad turbulence on the way up but the rest of the flight went swimmingly. Now it's lashing it down in Budapest with occasional lightning.
  2. I'm flying to Budapest shortly. Got a feeling I'm in for a bumpy ride.
  3. It's just as well then that nobody here has said such a thing. Mid-forties? Temperature plus dew point of 77C? You know very well that's not remotely going to happen.
  4. Edinburgh is further west than Liverpool even. Anywhere in the region can get affected by weather from the east. Anyway, another disappointingly cloudy day. I said in the moan thread a few weeks back the great summer would break when I returned and lo and behold... I was here for the first two weeks in July 2017 and honestly it felt better than this year. What a letdown.
  5. Got back to Blighty on Saturday evening. Can't believe how yellow the grass is here. I remember 1995 but I don't recall anything like this.
  6. You can if you build a time machine. Czechoslovakia actually broke up in 1993.
  7. Good place to live. Lots of varied things to do (from social stuff to nature) and a good base from which to get to other places. Been to Brno a couple of times. Nice place, especially around the cathedral. Anyway, that was a good storm. It's gone from 32C at 4pm to 20C at 11pm. There was a 5C drop in one hour between 8 & 9pm. I'm hoping the outlook improves because it's currently below-average well into next week.
  8. Been living here for a year and a half now. April and May were very warm. Not so sure about June, but it's normally a warm month anyway. It's definitely been more humid this spring/early summer compared to last year, so there haven't really been many very high temperatures, but we've had a lot of thunderstorms. Speaking of which, there goes the first flash and bang of the evening. The front is nearing. Whereabouts in in non-Slovak Czechoslovakia are you moving to?
  9. Big cold front moving through this evening. Going from a high of 32C today to just 20C tomorrow, and not much warmer over the weekend. I hope it doesn't last too long, but at least I'll get to cool the flat down and there could be some fireworks later on. By the way, I'm coming to Britain in the middle of July so if you're pining for cold, wet weather just wait a few weeks.
  10. Looks like the Balaton Beast is still going. Over western Romania now.
  11. Good light show over Lake Balaton in Hungary: https://www.idokep.hu/webkamera/viharsarok Still quiet here.
  12. There's what looks like an MCS tracking just to my south. Clouded over here and gone dark but it looks like I'll just miss it.
  13. Yet another big thunderstorm here this afternoon/evening with flash flooding. The temperature plummeted from 28C to 17C. I've also managed to cool my room down from 28C to 22C by opening the doors and windows during the storm. That's at least the fifth humdinger so far this year, and it's only early June. I can't remember the last sunny day (and there have been too many to count) without a thunderstorm risk. Plenty of posters on a Slovak weather board are getting fed up now. One person is actually hoping for "western oceanic" rain for a change. Meanwhile east of here in Nitra...
  14. Probably early September 1995 in Liverpool. I normally sleep through thunderstorms but this was haunted house-level stuff. There was flash flooding the following morning.
  15. Summer's definitely gone up a gear in Bratislava this week. Bar one unsettled week and the odd day here and there the days have been summerlike since early April (March was very cold, so we've basically had no spring this year) but the nights were relatively cool. Now it feels more humid and the sticky nights have begun in earnest. Without this fan I bought I'd be screwed.
  16. Reminds me of an occasion a few months ago when the woman in front of me had a trolley-load of shopping and proceeded to spend a lifetime bagging them, meaning I had to wait to be served - PUT THEM BACK IN THE DAMN TROLLEY FIRST! Or just use the space to the side instead.
  17. Happened again today! Just one person in front of me, but it turned out he hadn't put all of his items on the conveyor belt and proceeded to empty half the shop on top of what was already there. The cashier even asked me to move my items back as much as possible to make room (I just about managed it). She then did the galavanting act with the very first item. Several moons later a receipt longer than the Bayeux Tapestry was finally issued and I got sorted out almost instantly. Had it been a busy time I'd probably still be waiting now.
  18. Forgot to mention the Hungarian Parliament on the Pest side. Looks grand both close up and from across the river.
  19. Regarding the language barrier, I've been there fairly recently and found that knowledge of English is actually quite high. I wouldn't go there expecting everyone to speak it, and learning some Hungarian will help (as well as being polite), but it shouldn't be a big concern. Budapest is a great city, probably my favourite major city in Europe. There is such a diverse array of attractions. The west bank (Buda) is where the castle is. The nearby Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion are well worth checking out too. It's quite hilly but there's a funicular railway leading up to the castle from Széchenyi Bridge. If you're into Roman ruins get the train north to Aquincum. The east bank (Pest) on the other hand is as flat as a pancake and largely features elegant boulevards. The Hungarian National Museum is here. Saint Stephen's Basilica is good to look at both inside and out (also take the stairs up to the roof if you can). You should also visit City Park (Városliget), home to the famous Széchenyi Baths (one of several in the city) and the less-famous but impressive Transylvanian mock-up of Vajdahunyad Castle. Finally, an unconventional attraction on the outskirts of the city is Memento Park, an open-air museum home to removed communist-era statues. The gift shop has communist music blasting out and sells all sorts of paraphernalia. Hope that is of some help.
  20. People at cash machines. Whoever's in front of you will always spend hours dithering away. A similar thing happens at supermarkets. You come to the checkout and there's only one person in front of you - but you invariably end up being stalled one way or another whether it's because the customer in front can't find their card, they can't decide which cigarettes to buy or the cashier has decided to go galavanting off somewhere for some reason (this last one happens in Slovakia all the time). L'enfer c'est les autres.
  21. Batteries gave way just as the storm was peaking! Started filming again on my smartphone but I need a new USB cable before I can upload it. The footage wasn't as good as I was expecting unfortunately. It didn't go as dark as I was hoping and the lightning didn't come out well. A really good storm in the flesh though, cooled the flat right down.
  22. Starting to kick off here big time. I'll upload the video if it comes out well
  23. It's heading my way. Good light show towards the west.
  24. Can't sleep here because I got woken up by all that. Looked out of my window to see the local TV mast get struck, It's dying down now though.
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