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  1. Looks like that's round one coming to a close. Short but sweet. Not constant lightning but very bright and impressive when it appeared. Still getting flashes and rumbles to the north but diminishing all the time.
  2. Still 27C in Crosby past midnight. An exceptionally warm night so far. How high it stays will depend on how long it takes the thundery rain to get here and how potent it will be when it does.
  3. Much better here this morning but the cloud has built up again. I guess an actual sunny day is too much to ask at the moment.
  4. Hasn't felt cold here but all that cloud is so frustrating. The sun is finally out. Too little, too late.
  5. Cooler than average here now after the hot June but still 24C by day and sunny. Up to 26C tomorrow. Heading to Britain on Friday and the forecast doesn't look too bad (only slightly cooler than here).
  6. Stupava, Slovakia A very warm and dry month in sharp contrast to the cool and wet May. This weather station only goes back to 2013 but it was the driest June at both main Bratislava stations (Koliba, Ivanka) in records beginning in 1951, and probably the hottest too (though I don\t have stats to hand). Mean maximum - 29.8 Mean minimum - 17.0 Overall mean - 23.3 Highest maximum - 34.8 (26th) Lowest maximum - 24.8 (6th) Highest minimum - 22.7 (13th) Lowest minimum - 10.1 (1st) Days above 25C - 29 Days above 30C - 14 Rainfall - 9.3mm Days with rain - 7 Days with rain (over 1mm) - 1 Wettest day - 6.8mm (23rd)
  7. A scorcher here this afternoon (36.6C). It's all going bang now though. Just had gunshot thunder. I'm betting we're going to accrue more rain by the end of the night than we managed for the whole of June (9.3mm).
  8. Yep, nothing cool at all in the forecast here. Maybe 26C in ten day's time lol.
  9. Well the "cold" front this afternoon barely made a dent, as it ended up at 34C. I nearly melted on the bus earlier (the newer ones have air-conditioning but this time they decided to wheel out a retro model instead - you could have easily filmed a remake of The Sweeney on it). It's still warm now (26C) but the humidity level has fallen through the floor. The dew point was about 20C earlier on; now it's about 3-4C! "Only" 28C tomorrow.
  10. Yep, it's coming. The temperature's supposed to drop to 28-29C in the next hour or so then rebound in the afternoon. I just wonder how hot it could have got if the front was supposed to arrive later.
  11. 31C already at 10am. The forecast high for today is only 32C, so either there's a cold front coming or it's going to be a really hot day.
  12. Stopped just short of 35C here (34.9C). Still 33C at 7pm. The main plume was west of here. I read that Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic all broke their June records today (38C was reached in all three countries). Unbelievable how poor the temperatures have been in parts of Britain. There's missing out and then there's this. Glad I haven't spent June in Blighty or I'd have pulled out all my hair by now.
  13. Big difference between last year and this though. June 2018 was bone dry whereas 2019 has been a washout. It will take more than a dry July (if that even happens) to bring about drought conditions like last year. Here meanwhile it's already passed 30C and it's not 11am yet. It'll be interesting to see how high it gets (forecast is 34C). It's been a very dry month (9.2mm) but May's wetness means it couldn't have come at a better time.
  14. Actually I'm up to 2.3mm now. No idea where that extra 0.3mm came from. Between now and Monday I'd be amazed if I don't get at least one thunderstorm.
  15. I'm pretty sure Rybinsk Reservoir is the one right next to the 'w' in 'what'. No reason at all for the mystery lake to be where it is.
  16. Looks like a distorted Lake Baikal to me. EDIT - too far west
  17. No storms here either despite being under a warning. Has to happen eventually though. Only 2mm here so far this month, quite a contrast to May's total of 156.7mm. I came home on Saturday night to an orchestra of mosquitoes. A lot of villages in Slovakia along the Morava have pleaded for help to get rid of them. It's getting hotter again next week but I don't see anything close to 40C being reached. Maybe 35C at day 9 but that's still a long way off.
  18. I'm coming back to Blighty in mid-July so you can forget about warm days.
  19. 33C and a well-earned cold beer here. Waited ages in the hot sun to see the new president of Slovakia (who is being inaugurated today). Got within two feet of her and she blanked me when I tried to shake her hand. Down to the high 20s with possible thunderstorms for the next few days.
  20. It was pretty much 1st June when we completely changed from cold and wet to hot and dry. Last year summer started in the middle of Apríl. One benefit of all that rain in May is that the landscape still appears lush and verdant despite the heat. The downside is the mosquitos are much worse this year. Are you still living near Ostrava?
  21. A lot of people like cold winters and hot summers, which means above-average temperatures feel wasted in winter (as do below-average temperatures in summer). So I'm sure you can see how a flip to cold in June sticks in the craw for so many. It looks like Britain is getting what I got in May. A very mild February leading into a tame March, followed by a "meh" April and a cold, washout May made for a most vile spring from my perspective. I'd rather have a fail May/nice June pairing than vice-versa though, so I'm lucky in that regard. Pushing 30C here and it's only midday. Also, not wanting 11C with rain all day isn't the same as expecting heatwave conditions all summer. Most people just want to be able to go out in a T-shirt and enjoy some sunshine.
  22. Don't you mean Saharan climate? Much of sub-Saharan Africa has a tropical or monsoon climate.
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