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  1. skyblusam

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Take no notice of met and BBC symbols as there fully automated and have no human input. So will always chop and change. If it snows it snows if it don't it don't. But we all need to remember no model is necessarily 100% right. The snow could be north or south of predicted path. Radar will be best to use when the system is in view.
  2. skyblusam

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    It's p*****g it down in coventry
  3. Looking around the other regional's it seems a lot got well not a lot from the so called polar low further north. Which in my eye's shows how hard it is to predict where and when heavy snow will fall. Enjoy the cold and hope for showers blowing inland as I think that's our best bet. The problem with this so called beast is its been way overhyped by the more knowledgeable in the mod thread. And most probably because there based where snow is more likely to fall.
  4. Weather friends please remember if this is as bad as forecast. To check on any vulnerable and elderly neighbours.
  5. To early to be getting our hopes up yet. As I've seen many times before snow forecast only to be left with a damp squid. Sorry to sound so negative but seen it many times before. However i hope I'm very very wrong
  6. Had a little sugar coating overnight. And now it's sliding south of me. Enjoy your snow if you've got it peeps
  7. Wow what a storm we had lasted well over an hour thunder was loud loads of flashes jobs a good un
  8. Peeing it down lol but definitely no pyrotechnics
  9. Another non event not that I was expecting anything different. I'm so thankful for this forum as I knew from info here that nothing would happen imby. But I'm happy for the one's who've seen something
  10. skyblusam

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Heavy settling snow here
  11. skyblusam

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Just had 15mins of heavy wet snow here
  12. skyblusam

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Wow I've got a rainfest cold spell my weeble. Roll on the summer. Unfortunately our winters now seem to be a lot milder and snowless compared to the 90's and earlier. And I think this is how it's going to stay. Oh to be a kid again running in to put my gloves on the radiator for a quick warm before running back outside to finish the snowman
  13. skyblusam

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    I love how everyone says get the cold in first then worry about the snow. Well the colds here and guess what it's pi##ing down with rain here. I personally look forward to a breakdown from the west/sw as it's the only time I get to see snow here and that's even marginal most of the time
  14. skyblusam

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Good old rain just starting here