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  1. F1 from Shanghai, British Superbikes at Brands Hatch and BTCC heads to Donington Park. All of them have rain in the forecast. View the full blog entry here
  2. It still looks fine, dry and mild/warm for Sunday, good luck to all involved! View the full blog entry here
  3. Supercells on raceday? MotoGP is tough enough without a severe storm risk to add to the mix! View the full blog entry here
  4. MotoGP arrives in Texas and World Superbikes rolls into Europe, mainly dry for both but some signs of rain on raceday for MotoGP View the full blog entry here
  5. The Grand National and Boat Race mark the first weekend in April - how will the weather affect either event? View the full blog entry here
  6. A sunny (or should that be moony?) race weekend expected in Bahrain, as the F1 teams prepare to race under floodlights for the first time. View the full blog entry here
  7. Stormy Malaysia for the F1, will it stay dry or will the heavens open? Brands Hatch is much warmer than the 2c 'enjoyed' by all at last years races. View the full blog entry here
  8. If you were to take a guess, which circuit will be driest this weekend, Brands Hatch or Sepang? View the full blog entry here
  9. Low grip levels frustrated the factory teams yesterday, will sand blowing on the track keep them guessing this weekend? View the full blog entry here
  10. Just a small gremlin there, it should be a little warmer withing a few minutes :-)
  11. MotoGP is back, and the weather for the Qatar round may have a surprise in store, and good news if you don't have BTSport - highlights are on ITV4 Monday evening View the full blog entry here
  12. Storms look likely over Melbourne tomorrow for qualifying as the F1 season gets underway, but it should be dry and a few degrees cooler on Sunday for the race. View the full blog entry here
  13. Formula 1 kicks off this weekend in Melbourne and the weather could be a factor. View the full blog entry here
  14. That's a good idea, then when everyone does the same it'll be the end of free content on the internet - we have to pay for the servers, bandwidth and keeping the whole site running by displaying ads and there are less now than before the site redesign too and we turn down the more intrusive formats, so please don't block them, it helps us keep everything running :-)
  15. The F1 and MotoGP season spring to life over the next couple of weeks, it's good to be back! View the full blog entry here
  16. Can you email your old email address and user names etc through the site contact options please? I'll see if I can recover your old account without contravening data protection rules etc. Ian
  17. It is as Julian explained, if you embed the charts with a link to the image on the server then they will disappear as the server doesn't save them all owing to space constraints. If you want the chart to live long after the date it refers to has passed, you need to save the image and upload that to the thread. Ian
  18. thanks for the email, I missed this yesterday. It's all up and running now Ian
  19. Bernie Pettersen captured one of the defining images of storm hit Britain this winter 'UK Storm, Porthleven' and he shares how he got the shot with us in a guest blog. View the full blog entry here
  20. Testing peoples tolerance by presenting yourself as intolerant kind of misses the point. If you are tolerant of others beliefs it means you can't agree with or ignore intolerance, that's what tolerance is, supporting others to be free to make their own choices/way in life and not to accept anyone or anything impeding that - intolerance of a way of life is just that, using a personally held view to condemn other people, their sexuality, lifestyles, gender, race or religion. No one is forcing you to have sex with another man or woman (I'm sorry but I don't know if you are male or female), or marry someone of the same gender, or stop believing in a god, but it is right to question your misconceptions and apparent fear of gay people having rights equal to your own, how does it affect you if you aren't gay? I'm married, if my gay friend gets married, how the hell does that make my life any different? Another point, you freely admit to conducting a social experiment here and on other forums, did you ask permission from the site owners, did you let the people you were studying know they were part of an experiment? Is that OK in your mind, to set yourself up to present an opposing opinion, record peoples response, and then draw conclusions from it (which shockingly will be presented as the poor downtrodden christians)? Your research methods seem to be as ill conceived as your opinions. If you think I am being intolerant of your opinions, your way of defending them, and your slip shod research, I am. That's how it works.
  21. Thanks for sharing the pictures so far. There's lots of good choices so far, please keep them coming! Ian
  22. Emine is looking for UK chasing experiences, not the USA chases, this is a good chance for you to tell your story in a national newspaper :-)
  23. Hi TV production companies are on the lookout for footage from the recent storms, if you have any please let me know in this thread and I'll get you in touch with the right people, there may be payment and even a chane to be interviewed for a show as well, dependfing on the kind of footage you have. Please don't take any risks trying to get video of the storms or huge waves, this is more a call for stuff you already have filmed, not a request for you to rush out and put yourself in harms way to catch a giant wave breaking over a sea wall. Thanks Ian
  24. It's that time of year already - just 50 days until Christmas Day and that can only mean we unleash the new, improved Santa Shaker on an unsuspecting World. Go on give him a shake while you read the Christmas forecast updates, and see what the snow risk is for your region on the 25th. http://www.netweather.tv/xmas
  25. That's in mph, no knot conversion needed :-)
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