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  1. Better late than never... The tour 3 gang on the road to New Mexico yesterday... (and then Childress for the last night)
  2. The weather sucked, especially as we missed a massive hailstorm with 4-6" drifts by a few minutes, but the stars tonight were a decent apology from the sky gods, a handy volcano provided the back drop.
  3. The Badlands always look awesome
  4. Cold front action
  5. Hello outflow boundary
  6. Dusty hail today...
  7. North West Texas has exploded into life
  8. There's still life in the Texas sky
  9. Fun day but nothing spinny, we did get battered by hail on the way to Norman, and a surprise lp cell popped up to deliver some structure too.
  10. This puts things into perspective, we were less than half a mile from the debris and storm track of what may be one of the longest lived ef5's on record.
  11. Enormous wedge. Reports of injuries and properties destroyed, we waited until it passed and checked noone needed help before heading to Salina for the night. We passed through Chapman, and with everyone's agreement were about to head back to see if they needed help, but good news came from a local who spoke to his sister in town, the tornado missed them by around 400m to the south, the debris signature was most likely the significant tree damage. Over 2 hours on the ground, averaging around a mile wide. Hopefully no fatalities.
  12. Another day, another huge tornado... (and the only play in town right now too)
  13. One more before shower and departure
  14. It's gone 1am and we just reached our hotel in Pratt, so here's a quick edit of one of the sets of twins
  15. Just the 17 tornadoes today, will share some more later including 3 sets of twins and a very rare triple tornado (if I got a shot).