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  1. My advice is to go as wide and as fast as you can. I don't think I ever used a long lens on a chase, and once the wind, dust, rain and hail start flying you don't want to be swapping lenses. The 10-18 is a decent work horse, I'd be tempted to give the 17-40 a try out too for speed and image quality. You can always stitch shots together if needed.. Keep the 18-200 in the main bag for down day walk about use. Enjoy the tour and don't forget to put the camera down and take it all in sometimes! Ian
  2. Hi Christina, welcome to the forum. If you're after clouds and lightning then you've come to the right place! Both tours are good, so far the guys on Tour 1 have seen 8 tornadoes in 4 days, last year tour 2 bagged some amazing storms and tornadoes too, so it really comes down to which dates work best for you. We can't promise a tornado, but we do work very hard to make sure you see as much as possible, and clouds & lightning will always play a part :-) Ian
  3. Hi Ian

    forwarded this message to Paul S who suggested you might be able to advise - many thanks in advance!

    Hope you're well. Time to start plans for the chase this year. When I met up with you last year you were using a new device for data feed that auto switched between the best available networks and I remember you saying it was working well. Have you got any details you could share because the Verizon dongle I used last year was 'patchy' to say the least. A web link will do for now.

    I'll be in the field from about 23rd May for two weeks - with a vehicle that does more than 260 miles on a tank of gas!

    cheers in advance


  4. I've not seen any problems, but will get the guys to check out the server stats to be sure.
  5. Same camera, but I tweaked the laptop a bit to cope with a bit better frame rate, and the internet has behaved itself a lot better this year. I think the cunning plan of using our own kit rather than renting might have helped.
  6. Checking... All seems to be working ok at the moment, you could try shrinking the pictures down to a more manageable size to see if that helps. Otherwise I'll ask the techier heads on the team if they have any ideas.
  7. It was probably a spammer, they pop up occasionally, one of the team usually kills them off before the posts get noticed though.
  8. We usually have a single car with the streaming camera, as we all travel in convoy having one on each would only show the same view and burn through bandwidth. The camera is mounted inside the windscreen and we try to make sure that it's catching what we are seeing, occasionally the sound is on, but as chasing can be quite an adrenaline rush the language might be a bit 'loud' for sensitive ears, so we don't always have audio on. Of course a streaming camera has limitations, the main one being available bandwidth, we visit some pretty remote places, so the signal can drop out, and the 'Golden Hour' for storms in the USA is around 6pm local time, which means things typically really get going in the late evening UK time. Which results in some people catching up with the events over breakfast.
  9. Looks the same, so no last poster names, same as in portrait mode. It's just how it scales to fit the display, I don't think it's something we can change unfortunately.
  10. It looks like this on both devices, I can't make it look like your screenshots so will have to check with one of The techies
  11. That's odd as I have a Nexus 7 and a Fire HDX, both are widescreen, the Fire is the same resolution as yours 1920x1200 and both of them show the same layout, there isn't a mobile version as such, just dynamic scaling, so on a tablet the statuses go below the forum listings. Otherwise it's pretty much the same look.
  12. A quick response for you Mapantz The modern skin is responsive, so doesn't have a mobile version, it's basically designed to load which ever style best fits the screen size it's being displayed on. We've checked on a couple of tablets and both show the standard desktop. Mine is a 7" android version. Can you let me know which tablet you are using please and what resolution it has (if you know), that might help narrow it down. A lower res screen could be behind the problem.
  13. That's not one I can answer I'm afraid Mapantz, I'll forward it to the techies and see if they have any ideas. Ian
  14. Final prep for storm chase tours well under way now. Just the in car internet to sort and then it's calendar watching until we fly out on the 6th May.

    1. IanR


      I would love to come,

      pics and vidio clips please

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Cannot wait!

  15. The parallel was scrapped due to a cascading error apparently.
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