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  1. Finished here for the foreseeable .. Lucky people to the North and on this plane ?
  2. Was flying around Heathrow and my cape almost caught on fire.. Have now blacked out the conservatory to avoid roasting
  3. In support of Steves' comments : Any actual professional odds compiler will tell you that pattern matching is a sure fire way to lose all of your money. Anybody can take x amount of variables and create a table with y rows of data and then determine the number of x variables that seem to point to z result by filtering for the most obvious. Then many get upset when the same set of variables produce an unexpected outcome. Even the National Hurricane Centre forecasts are based on pattern matching.. And when you give a +/- 20% probablility you will usually end out ok.. Back to nowcasting : if
  4. Agreed, I grow my own vegetables on my deck and have put in a few large lavender plants alongside a few other bee friendly species.. in the small spaces available.. Here in Acton there is a local bee keeper who makes fabulous honey (though production is small) and I love seeing bees in my very small garden
  5. At this rate I’m tempted to start a side business in air conditioning.. ?
  6. So the storm is gone now.. and frankly almost nothing London and East (rain or lightening) therefore temp max still in play
  7. I just saw a flash sitting on deck in London.. not expecting actual for another hour.. very unusual
  8. I have grounded myself as I don’t like lightening strikes on my furry behind.. Have made an executive decision to continue to raid the fridge and await the show
  9. It has been interesting following the Met Office local forecast for my location today (London Ealing).. 8am this morning had Tuesday as the only day to achieve 30c+. By 2pm Tuesday & Wednesday were forecast for 30c+ And now at 1am Tuesday Wednesday Thursday are +30c.. To me this is indicative of a model shift or change in background signal
  10. Based on my future radar map.. there does seem to be more of a northerly movement by the 1150pm screen
  11. I agree is looking more Maidstone than London at present
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