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  1. Absolutely Nick.. I think some of us need to chill a bit and go back to radar watching school.. precipitation (snow) is clearly forming into distinct heavy bands and now starting to build back to the west and north etc etc
  2. Am also Interested in the new band of precipitation wrapping around the formed low down by Alderney (Channel Islands). Going to be lots of radar and nowcasting this evening..
  3. Wind and pressure from latest observations looking peachy
  4. He is still being very tight on the accumulations.. always anti counting past 10cm
  5. I feel your pain.. but it also happens quite often in west london ! (being neither east or west or north or south enough most of the time)
  6. From The latest TAF for Heathrow : Temporary from 31 at 21 UTC to 01 at 09 UTC Visibility: 1200 m Broken clouds at a height of 300 ft snow probability 40% at this stage
  7. I used to do a lot of work in Maclean Virginia (just outside Washington DC) When it snowed there it was epic ! I have just been out for a walk around Chiswick (west london) and the air felt icy cold so perfect for snow
  8. Just seen another slight upgrade on the met office forecast for my area.. now I have to find where I left my list of snow puns, so I have them ready for the morning. Its snow joke, I cant make it to the office today...
  9. Considering the met 5 day showed all rain / sleet for the local area around QPR on Tuesday (which was correct) and currently has heavy snow for at least a couple of hours overnight.. I shall bank it and any extra will be a bonus ..
  10. My conservatory is telling me it is raining at the moment .. but Im hopeful of dandruff in west London later, or certainly on the back-edge of my hair brush.. Seriously I will be happy if I see some flakes on the back edge and frankly this has ended up rolling through about 3 hours too early.. C'est la vie
  11. Current Dew points looking a little bit lower ahead of the front than I think the models were predicting.. I think there could be more of a chance of some overnight heavy wet snow than currently expected
  12. Had a red sky this morning (so I will play Shepherds Warning) I feel a very good chance of a snowy end to the overnight action.. in any case I expect a real mare of a morning commute.. I look forward to the next set of model updates and following the radar later today
  13. I think for a lot of television meteorologists the golden rule is to make no predictions lest you be thought a Fish (more fool them) I would love to know their salary for their banal 5 minutes of fame
  14. I have dug out my thermal pants from the back of the drawer to use for my flights next week.. now I just need to remember what I did with the batteries... Dont like icicles on my pants which is what the models are telling me is going to happen.. chilly willy
  15. Just back from a week in the Algarve with my partner and 27c and onshore breeze no problem. Back in London my partner is permanently sitting under fans and having trouble breathing due to pollution etc etc And on top of this my mother has chest infection which they are specifically measuring her phelgm for pollutants as the cause We need to reduce pollutants in the SE.. but we all know that And seperately : I LOVE THIS WEATHER 🙂 Very much one treasure is one poison