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  1. Evening all. Updates from Cleethorpes/Grimsby areas here: http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Severe-Flood-Warning-Water-breaching-Cleethorpes/story-20267132-detail/story.html
  2. Just about cleared now Chezzie. There might have been two cells as there appeared to be additional activity to my west as it was passing away SE-wards
  3. Very heavy rain falling here at the moment accompanied by rumbles of thunder and occasional lightning. The worst of this seems to have gone out to sea though, but a potent enough cell nonetheless
  4. Changes and difficulties :(

  5. So far I have had very little experience with Windows 8, only a look at a beta version that a friend of mine chose to download and test. It looks sleek and is very responsive, especially as it is largely based on Windows 7. However there is a big concern about something called SmartScreen that allegedly send back information to Microsoft about everything you install. There are several aricles on Google about this. Personally I would wait and see what happens. Windows 7 is very reliable and fast, rather like XP, and that is the OS I am staying with for now.
  6. my Mother is very ill with a rare form of Dementia. Will not be on the forum for perhaps a long while/

    1. cookie


      sorry to here that mate,

    2. Paul B

      Paul B

      Very sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    3. Dorsetbred


      Hi, no dementia is nice, my mother is suffering with it, it's horrible.

  7. glad to be back

  8. anyone got any custard creams? lol

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