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  1. http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/reports?MENU=Seasonal-outlook

    Sounds like my perfect autumn, generally cool, windy, unsettled as time goes on.

    To note, it sounds like a continuation of the weather we have now, but one thing to remember, low pressure will be a bigger scale through autumn and will generally be more unsettled than summer is, e.g. wind and heavy rain. I just hope my dream autumn pulls off a cool and very unsettled September with Gales. October, very cool and unsettled, stormy. To the end of October, blocking taking place with a cold high, bringing frost and fog over Halloween and into bonfire night. November, cold with frost and heavy snow through the month, with the odd unsettled stormy period. A bit like last year, but it was not particularly wet in September and not many storms. The Atlantic seems to be waking up a tad recently.

  2. just been on the net to look up the january 87 snow event and came across this. amazing is all i can say. this link looks like something you would get from america.

    the last couple of years are the coldest winters i have experienced, while the snow was the best i have experienced, im still waiting for snow like 87, and from before then. i dont get how the winter like last year was so cold for many decades, yet we didnt get drifts of up to 10 feet etc. i know many high ground parts did well with drifts, but nothing notable here at least. although saying that there was little atlantic to blow the snow around, but yet looking at the 13th jan 1987, there was hardly any tightly packed isobars and compare it to something like 5th january 2010 the isobars were not tight yet 1987 managed to produce such massive drifts.

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