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  1. urm no becos my days off are on different days, we dont all go to work mon to friday twit!

    and no i dnt go to onionsty grammar schools because i work!

  2. any thoughts on winter jonathan? thinking ahead a bit with the diappointing summer so far. Im thinking a very cold early winter again, weak la nina maybe. The nights draw in next week haha cant wait.

  3. anyone know what pennine lee waves are? what does it mean and what can we expect? Im near leeds

  4. arnt u at school today?

  5. Bring on autumn. anyone else looking forward to the wind and rain poundign the windows and the cosy early nights. Not to mention the raw biting winds!

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      Yep I love the Autumn, that fresh,cool air along with some great Atlantic storms and the darker nights too...Bring It On!!

    3. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite


    4. Bottesford


      Nights are pretty dark now - its just night time spreads into the daytime! Keep it where it belongs- after 9pm ;)

  6. do u have a F***** clue what your talking about. i know my own age and no i left school before this whole thing chnaged where u have to stay

  7. Elton John is to write a tribute song following Bin Laden's death. Sandals in the Bin.

  8. hi and good luck. i hope it gets down to -10 tonight brrrr, bring on the snow and lets hope for turn in fortune eh???

  9. hi jonathon northern blocking is back. the cold air is coming back!!!!

  10. hi jonathon, looks cool and unsettled now for next week,you certainly feel autumn is on its way.

  11. hi, i think we could enter autumn with a bang. The gfs has showed the jet tracking, quite a way south, with some quite deep low pressures systems. exciting

  12. i am in the attic, and i can hear the wind hitting roof and howling, it feels like october!

  13. i am just speechless at the riots! The police force dont seem to care or be even trying, get the army in! I think worse is to come....

  14. i mentioned you in my post on the model thread on page 4 at bottom have u seen

  15. im 17 and work for a living and i dont skive off school all the time. everytime im off work u post when you ar esupposed to be at school. its probably because u are waiting for the models to upgrade.

  16. im hoping for big drifts like 63,78 and 81 etc and 1947. last year was cold and snowy, but know major drifts at all, just flat snow

  17. im sick of my posts going dodgy because of this stupid fricking senser. sorry for mi language btw

  18. ireland is now on the verge of becoming mild like madrid and rome in winter, while the rest of europe including scotland and england go bitter cold. ireland stays warms as this is the reason for such cold winters in england n europe. a surge of v.warm southerlies over ireland, while easterlies bash there way against the warm southerlies, keeping it cold in england n onions in n.ireland.

  19. is jonathon lying because i think he is

  20. Jonathon are you going to post more in the forums i admire your thoughts and posts, they are good to read etc, please do?

  21. just viewed one of the coldest ever gfs runs while its snowing heavily here!!!

  22. just viewed one of the coldest ever gfs runs while its snowing heavily here!!!

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