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  1. My new work takes me up into A&B and over to Orkney/Shetland. This is from Loch Creran before it started snowing properly on Tuesday night...
  2. Morning - it's almost that time of the year where us Coldies wake up and recommence posting. Been a quick year :)
  3. Just saw the headlines so have come in to express my extreme displeasure at this news of more snow.
  4. I'm officially so over this snow. Looks like it was getting a bit milder with some hefty snow melt - now though, I can see more snow on the horizon.
  5. We've had another 2 inches overnight here - so all the work the street did in clearing the piles before, has just been undone. And, there's more coming. <angry face>
  6. Currently over double @Hawesy's prediction - and now completely, 100%, bored with the snow. I've got a business to run and need to get to post office/suppliers etc etc
  7. Stirling schools shut again tomorrow and they're making a call on what to do for Monday over the weekend...
  8. It's not going to be over for a while yet - these showers will bring a fair amount of ppn
  9. Definitely better than 2010 here, indeed this is the most snow I've seen since the 90's
  10. It's still going to be an Amber Warning which is serious. I'd suggest postponing if possible until at least the weekend...
  11. Blizzard again. At what point am I allowed to say, "ENOUGH ALREADY"?
  12. More incoming as well - this is turning out to be quite an event.
  13. OMG - we've had a huge amount of snow in Stirling - there must well over a foor of snow lying here and we're about to get smashed again according to the radar.
  14. Trying not brag too much at home and at work - but I called the red on Sunday. The wife still insists "it's not that bad" Grrr
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