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  1. Quite the windy squall came through the south side of Glasgow there...
  2. Not really, but I've known it to happen at almost any time of the year on occasion. I recall a particuarly bad wind storm in August around 2011 or 2012? EDIT: Just seen the post above by catchmydrift - he'll know better than me how likely it is.
  3. This chill weather and near constant grey is starting to grate now. Feels baltic for this late in Spring. At least it isn't raining but even that looks like changing soon.
  4. Beautiful clear day today. Could see the Crianlarich hills and Arrochar alps from Linn Park in Glasgow.
  5. I think we could all be doing with some early heat given what is going on.
  6. That's what I was thinking! It may well snow in Glasgow but similar to th snowfall we have had so far, I expect it to melt immediately.
  7. ooft - wonder if it will settle down to low levels
  8. Usuallly their twitter is pretty good at getting info out.
  9. At least the guy in the Ciara thread who was raging he couldn't pronounce it will be happier this weekend.
  10. Question - just wondering here what is causing the 'tail' in these showers crossing Glasgow in a line just now? They come in over the Renfrewshire heights more as a 'blob' (well known meteorological term) but then once they come towards the city they have this long dangling tail off the the SW quadrant - happened with a few now. Anyone know why?
  11. Quite the shower in Glasgow just now. Gusts have got up and torrential rain.
  12. I saw a suggestion it was slightly further north which meant likely stronger winds through Central Scotland.
  13. If you've been in the Scotland thread recently and we've seemed grumpy, that's because pretty much all windstorms since fail to live up to this.
  14. Its actually a beautiful day in Glasgow. Can just see the first clouds moving in from the west.
  15. ScotRail are concerned enough to have suspended a number of rail services on Sunday into Monday
  16. I think this storm started off sounding like a major event, which by the sounds of it could still be for the south of England, And so that got everyone’s hopes up. it’s sounding like nothing that out of the ordinary here now. What’s also notable about the map posted above is the complete absence of lying snow at sea level or anything close to it, which pretty much ties in with all the other forecasts I’m seeing. We’ll get some wind, but again that’s a 3-4 times a winter event. I think the only reason it’ll be noteworthy at all is that we’ve had such a boring winter so far.
  17. I’d say that’s entirely for elevated areas. It’s practically a relief map of Scotland.
  18. Ha! That’s actually incredible. Guess where I’m due to be on Monday...
  19. No snow in sea level glasgow but did have very heavy hail around an hour ago. Looked like snow when it settled for a bit. Closest we’ve had all winter.
  20. No snow in Glasgow so far - I believe there was some the other day in East Kilbride just a few miles away (and a few hundred feet higher). Took the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh on Tuesday and there was some lying snow from Croy (nr Cumbernauld) through to Winchburgh not far from Edinburgh Airport.
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