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  1. Up to 8 degrees here in TW13, still not a solitary flake this winter. Shall start looking forward to spring warmth in a couple of weeks. Maybe next weekends marginal event will bring the goods....
  2. I know we shouldn’t take these at face value but if this happens I’m giving up!
  3. Still looks a bit marginal for us West Londoners tomorrow, some wet snow for a few hours I think. Nice to see nonetheless, will be keeping the sledge in the cupboard for now!
  4. Its looking 'marginal' again for TW13 for Saturday so i shall expect nothing (with fingers crossed of course), tomorrow doesn't even look marginal to me unfortunately. Post the 20th was the period that caught my eye but even that is not looking as good now but plenty of time for things to change around. #Muststaypositive
  5. I can confirm that it is NOT snowing in TW13 , couldn’t make it up.
  6. Just been for a morning walk and was surprised that there was no frost at all, definitely warmed up over night, was very frosty when I went to bed. We can’t even do frost now 😢. Let’s wait the magical 10 days, looking good then ha!
  7. Apologies for sneaking in - just wanted to say good luck for tonight/tomorrow, enjoy it and try and blow some down to us snow starved southerners (not a flake here...)
  8. I am pretty sure i saw a large snowflake fly past my window earlier, couldn't be certain, it could have been a feather, However I'm taking it as my first flake of the year and a sign that 'winter has begun'. Come on the beast.....
  9. Suns out here in TW13 with not even a sign of rain/sleet/cold rain/snow (although radars have showed me under precipitation for the last 3 hours), less than 2 weeks ago the models had been buried in the white stuff by now, the basil brush charts were looking incredible in the mad thread back then. I'm trying to remain hopeful/positive but it is starting to feel like Déjà Vu for us in the SE. Can any experienced members shine any bright lights on the next week?
  10. It’s been a damp squib washout today, however I have just been for a walk and it is markedly colder than this morning, although am sure the wind chill made it feel worse, could be some sleet later at best. Still not seeing any proper snow for ‘us’ in the upcoming period, marginality is not really our friend. Here’s hoping for a better 2nd half of Jan, hope the SSW plays ball.....
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