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  1. nice heavy rain shower a 30 sec burst of gravel size hails stones and a couple rumbles of thunder thrown into the mix as well. showers starting grow in intensity tracking along the north face of the south-downs. Ps i am at my work location in chandlers ford.
  2. The storm coming in of iow is a constant rumble with rapid lightning now the first rain has started
  3. Just in middle of torrential downpour and a thunderstorm to boot 1masive gunshot crack right overhead here in Chandler’s Ford
  4. Lovely blue sky now the fog has burnt off still bit hazy in the solent current temp 11.2C Nice to see the sat image clear skies from scottish borders down to the coast of Africa.
  5. Thunderstorm just kicking off here in chandlers ford no rain yet but a few rumbles so far and 1 cg from the ne
  6. The Portsmouth News quoting from the met office Gosport was the hottest place in UK Yesterday and the year to date at 32.4. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/people/gosport-is-the-hottest-place-in-the-uk-so-far-this-year-and-sweltering-weather-is-set-to-continue-1-8560208
  7. anyone taken a look at the barometer recently i don't know how accurate mine is but a reading of 1039.5 mb is a fairly rear beast this last few years paul
  8. Hi Stormforce-beka The skies have cleared in Gosport about about 15 mins ago should be with you about 30 mins time there was a storm here apparently 5:30 am this morning but i was fast asleep after all the excitement from last night but the will be more opportunities today i think
  9. I can see and hear the storm of the east end of Isle of Wight heading my way I think am about to get battered
  10. There was a thunderstorm going on in chandlers ford when I left @ 16:15 started at 16:00 there was a couple of nice cg’s but was unable to grab a pic as my phone died and had to restart must be the storm that tropic thunder seen/heard
  11. Nice little thunder storm going in chandlers ford at the moment lovely surprise first day back after 8 months
  12. Whats the betting on that storm come up from france starts to make a right turn just before landfall
  13. yes it was a tad windy but the summer was not too bad although did not get going until mid july and into august with warm temps into nov.
  14. just come from local supermarket here in Gosport, it started with snow grains now has got bit heavier
  15. the snow has slowed but there is no sign of the freezing rain yet looking at the radar we may only get a small amount of freezing rain possible the the island is blocking the worst.
  16. What is people's thought on having a brand new thread for tomorrow's incoming storm as his one is already over 172 pages????
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