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  1. Hi total cloud cover here{has been since about 1pm} Light winds so far,no rain as yet. Moved van from under tree just in case! Location - Newbury Berkshire
  2. Hi good luck everyone. Look forward to all the reports and videos One day my name will be on that list as a virgin chaser
  3. Hi pressure dropping here it saying 981.0 but as said in my earlier post think this isn't to accurate? Temp 11.7 humidity 90% My weather station is going mad flashing at me! Wind is eerily calm Me of to bed now so stay safe and enjoy what ever we get.
  4. Have a goodnight Polar Bear. Pressure now dropping here,my reading is 982.9 but not sure how accurate that is? Still calm wind wise!
  5. Hi I live in north Newbury Just looked out of the window, light breeze, tree's hardly moving,pressure still constant, temp 11.9oc Raining.
  6. Hi from reading this thread can I take it it isn't gonna be as bad as been made out by the weather forecasters? I certainly would sleep easier!
  7. Hi obviously a lot of interest in this thread,and I would agree I would rather have a warning and it not happen than be caught out so to speak! We have tidied up the loose stuff in the garden and moved the van which is normally parked under a tree{We have had one van nearly wrote of thanks to a huge branch landing on it,luckily it only broke the windscreen,the bodywork was dented but ok} All I would say is stay safe and be sensible! Current conditions for Newbury Berks is raining and breezy with reasonable gusts,pressure is currently stable.
  8. Hi well we had a few flashes a few weeks back but only heard the thunder so I guess I am kinda half in half out Me nephew see the lightning!
  9. yep just a heavy shower

  10. only heard thunder so far though!

  11. Thunderstorm passing east side of Newbury

  12. stormy looking here? Yep England were poor!

  13. Now raining in newbury

    1. gottolovethisweather


      yep we're in for it for many hours too judging by the NW radar.

  14. first storm of the year at 1-15 am last night nice show too,then again at 6-15

  15. looking very dark and stormy here in newbury hopefully something will happen???

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