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  1. How anyone can like days like today is beyond me, its disgusting here in the NW today,3c damp and cold, dull uniform stratus, poor visibilty and air quality, just stagnent filth, hurry back mobile westerlies with your refreshing sea air and milder temps and changing cloudcapes , another few weeks and we are entering the best two seasons, hopefully with some good convective activity as the sun heats us all up yaaaay

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    2. karyo


      Why can't you accept that we don't all like the same things? Just accept it and focus on what you like

    3. MP-R


      March tends to be a more fluid month with just about anything possible. Not long now. Gotta say though, it's been a lovely day down here.

    4. Eugene


      What you on about ian, lovely and sunny here

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