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  1. Now theres a nice GFS. Finally we lose the easterly and instead get a clear northerly with temperatures a notch higher than at present. Then the high sinks and it becomes milder. Sunshine amounts would be plentiful if that were to verify which is good as we would certainly notice the extra hour in the evening.

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    2. galacticwarrior


      But where's my big fat spanish storm :(

    3. Richard2901


      Spring 2006 was most definitely a cold spring in this part of the country. In the past 40 years only the springs of 1979, 1986 and 1996 were colder.

    4. Derp Patrol

      Derp Patrol

      Spring 2006 was definitely a cold on e here as well. People forget that averages don't define how you feel the weather, it is max temperatures and sunshine levels. Much like 2007 was close to average due to high minima