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  1. Might be worth keeping an eye on the cloud development in NW France around the Brest Peninsula and Cherbourg. Could potentially turn into something interesting later today.
  2. Keep us all posted if you catch anything on the horizon! Its a late dinner this evening.....
  3. I must admit I am currently holding fire to see how the stuff to the south evolves. I would prefer to not be directly underneath it to be honest, as the rain appears to be pretty intense so you cant enjoy the experience without drowning.... With its current course, it will probably be a trip back to Barton on Sea to keep just east of it.
  4. Certainly are! Should have probably gone a tad further west to Christchurch
  5. Some of the festivities from earlier. Not long after this the definition was lost to rain. A couple of the mammatus that others have captured far more spectacularly, but its proof that it happened!
  6. Has all but passed for now here too. All eyes south again as it looks like the Channel could burst into life from nothing
  7. An interesting little clump forming just off the Brest peninsula. While it seemingly is moving west to east, could be interesting to keep an eye on if anything forms to its north ahead of the trough out west. Of course something may equally form to its south, but frankly my dears, we don't give a damn....
  8. Are you actually on the clifftop? If you are, I bet the lightning is pretty impressive
  9. Well I have to say, even though the lightning is pretty infrequent, it it very spectacular
  10. Any idea on the direction and frequency of the strikes? Umming and ahhing about taking a trip out
  11. Yup! But still a no show on Blitzortung. There seems to be a lot more going on than is being shown
  12. It seems not all strikes are registering on Blitzortung. Just had a couple here and no show on the map
  13. One or two strikes near Lymington, but so far that's it, Nice thunder though.
  14. Is there any thunder from it? Seems to have sent electrical activity far to the east now...
  15. A pretty interesting looking and potent storm moving out into the North Sea east of Newcastle at the moment. Shame it is not over land as it would be nice to see some pictures of it. Doesn't seem to be producing much in the way of lightning though.
  16. Hi all. I view the forum regularly but very rarely post. Following my grandfathers passing in 2010, we have come across his old barometer charts dating back to 1985. It seems a real waste for them to be thrown away, so here I am offering them for free to a good home where they may be of some use. They will need collecting as postage would be expensive, unless of course you are happy to pay for the postage. Feel free to get in touch if this may be of some use or interest to you.
  17. First Spanish Plume of the year? Hopefully this will be a plum of a plume for April!

  18. So Saturday night....Will we loose it all, or will a top up be in order?

    1. coldfingers


      Sadly I think it is looking like we will lose it all.

  19. Will it? Won't it? Only time shall tell...

  20. wow. a local person! nice to 'meet' ya mate!

  21. Hi everyone. I am not totally new here. Have watched the forums for some time and have enjoyed the infomed discussions and the banter. Maybe I will even learn something while im here I live on the border between Hampshire and Dorset which puts me in the irritating area that tends to miss most snow and storms (present conditions excepted lol). Have had an ongoing interest in the weather for a considerable length of time, probably stemmed by a fantastic relative who used to work at the Heathrow met office and has for many years had his own satellite receiving equipment that I used to watch in awe as a child. Love to watch thunderstorms come rolling in at the local beaches and clifftops in the summer, as no doubt many others do judging by the packed car parks. All the best
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