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  1. Zomg wall cloud over Matlock! Or not. Still, kinda looked mean enough for a bit of lightning but I think cloud tops a bit too low. Certainly be getting wet under it though!
  2. Well for a lot of us the looooooong spell of heat did go with a bang finally. For those who didn't get anything over the past couple of days I can imagine it must be incredibly frustrating. And for regular people with no interest in the weather it must have been a surprise today to wake up to windy overcast cool conditions! Props to the forecasters and congrats to the chasers too, strong work! I had to sit in a staff meeting in the morning with grumbles of thunder nearby from small cells but with gorgeous undulatus bases ( @Supacell these were the ones over Belper, couldnt tell you what the lightning was like since I was grinding my teeth at work) and then do my days work, for which mercifully there was a lull in activity, before I could head off out. I made it as far as Brigg in North Lincs by which time I was caught up in it all. Think I missed by mins the worst of the convective gusts but the darkness, hail, rain and frequent flashes were impressive. Roads flooded, everyone pulling up on to the kerb and tree branches everywhere. It moved over pretty fast though and thankfully the roads drained as fast as they flooded so I headed south towards Norfolk hoping to catch the MCS and nighttime lightning. Again made it as far as Kings Lynn before I was prematurely overtaken. Stood in a field getting soaked watching a whole lot of flashing but not much in the way of visible bolts. Hoped for crawlers on the back edge but think there was too much low cloud obscuring. Interestingly though there was the very occasional but massive discharge from the kind of rear anvil shield area which i had never seen before. Too much rain for nighttime lightning photography attempts but ill have a look on the gopro and see if theres owt worth showing. Overall A good chase but kinda feel like I missed out still. Especially after the pics of the York storm! Major kudos @Gorky
  3. Yep, 2 cg's seen corresponding to the 2 sferics on blitzortung. Not the full destabilising yet though. I've got to work tomorrow but have already decided to drive out East soon as I can after, hopefully in time for the party!
  4. Rumble heard in Belper, Derbyshire. From the stuff nearby rather than up by Sheffield..
  5. Impressively quick developments. Moving through at quite a pace too, bit difficult to chase! Big difference between blitzortung and the radar. Any surface obs? Seem like they're still elevated? View from near Belper, did look more anvil-y as seen in Liima's post above
  6. Storms in North Yorks looking pretty active on Blitzortung, no reports from these?
  7. Have been down on the coast watching this lot for the past couple hours. Nothing too exciting but have seen one distant cg and occasionally the clouds have looked dramatic. Mostly not though! TQ7 3DY
  8. Always wanted to chase in Lincolnshire. LN11 8NR and thunder heard.. Views not so great though...
  9. Really quite regretting the decision not to go chasing this after work. Looked quite un-promising about 5-6pm but I bet its pretty spectacular down there right now! @Supacell was heading Oxford way last we heard and he's been quiet since, presumably enjoying the show
  10. Geez get a job! Currently about 40 mins away from being able to jump in the car.. In wirksworth. Might not make it so far. Gl with the chase, some interesting synoptics about apparently
  11. Going to write a little chase accout for Saturday on UKWW and also have pics from Sunday to edit but in the meantime, thought Id share a selection of photos from Saturday here. Definitely my most successful lightning photography to date!
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