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    Apologies to moderators - I was annoyed at the number of heat ramping posts in th Models thread and wanted to combine genuine model discussion with an alternate perspective.
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    Cooler weather is coming - THANK THE LORD!
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    Mid way through the Arizona storm chase, temperatures regularly into the mid 40s but biblical lightning. Also a beautiful part of the world.
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    July is finally over! That was a long mother xxxxxx of a month!
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    The thunder has just started. It sounds like someone is moving furniture.
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    Sat outside Costa drinking a latte and puffing on my vape when some well spoken middle aged lady proclaims to another lady 'I wish people would stop smoking around me'. Firstly, thanks for the passive aggression, darling. Secondly it's not smoke, it's water vapour you ignorant tool. Thirdly, I have as much right to be sat there as you... So thanks for trying to make me feel uncomfortable!
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    Just had a 10-year-old gipsy kid knocking asking if i wanted a free quote on a driveway.........what next?
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    Are you with gone ??
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    You still gone, Gone?
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    Fairy tales do happen. Ireland the lowest ranked in the women's hockey world cup in the final! True Celtic warriors! The Dutch better watch out in the final!
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    so Mo what am I going to call you now? Ass?
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    I didn't watch LoveIsland, did I miss anything?
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    Sun's out ...
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    Okay - so it might be a somewhat dicey subject (not that I know why) but could a physicist please give proper scientific definitions of both momentum and inertia. Please...Understanding what folks say is a hell of a lot easier if we all understand the basic terms...
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    Summer has finally arrived
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    What a refreshing change!
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    I feel like insulting Cornwall by buying two Ginster's pasties and eating them cold.
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    And another downside to hot, dry weather: I've two nasty mozzie (or maybe cleg) bites on my right ankle. Nasty wee shytes!
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    Grumpy grump. Sweaty sweat. Moany moan.
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    Four of the six main stories on BBC news relate to extreme weather - UK, Greece, Laos and Japan. Astonishing.
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    So After 2-3 years of hell and now just getting life back to normal and finally starting a new, its now also time for me get my weather passion back, and what a year so far it has been in terms of weather,, this Summer is insane!
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    Looks like August is going to be augusty
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    There's a great deal of groupthink here at present regarding the heatwave. I'm getting annoyed by frequent comments in the model thread stating that we're all going to be pleased by the forecast increase in temperatures and continued drought. I don't know whether the posters are blissfully unaware that not everyone thinks the same way they do or whether there's a degree of coercion being applied to make sure all members hold the 'approved' opinion. Getting a touch Orwellian, methinks, and my "Do Different" Norfolk philosophy makes me even more determined to point out that some of us want some rain. I'm not asking for August to be a washout, so don't guilt-trip me with references to upset kids on holiday; all I want is some rain. Overnight will be fine.
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    just got your storm lol
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