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    What do people who draw prefer to draw with ? This is one of my pen sketches
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    Last nights sun set
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    Finally sorted out rehab placement, after about 18 phone calls and miss directed numbers over 3 hours! Should get a welcome pack and call by the end of the week, all info is also going to the key worker, all that hard work eventually paid off!
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    Bubs just put a Christmas Film on, because 'now Halloween is over, it's nearly Christmas'
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    Awful news from the States. It seems that the shooting happened just up the road from an undergraduate friend and her husband - fortunately, they were both at work.
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    Lest we ever forget the enormous debt we owe those who helped rid the world of the Nazi filth, in WWII; and God forbid we ever allow such an evil to rise again...
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    "This is not a peace. It is an armistice for 20 years". General Foch , June 1919.
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    New chatroom up and running
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    The great Stan Lee has gone. Favourite Marvel hero: Spider-man
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    They will not be forgotten.
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    -7c and raining..sure if this happened in the UK netweather would be on suicide watch!?!
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    I looked out to my garden and found that my wayfaring, blackthorn, yew and elder plants have been stolen as they are not in my planter any more. The soil has been spilled and it looks like it has been dug out and there are no sign of the plants. I have feeling it has been done one of my neighbours who are live next to me and are very unfriendly towards me (although I have never been rude or nasty to them) and may have done out of spite or jealously as I get help (which I pay for) as I am not enjoying being ill and infirm. They make make my infirmity is being put on and that my disability is a fake (I am not much younger than him) and I look so young for my age which is genetic.
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    Year 11 pupil removed from school as indications sugest he is actually 30 years of age ohh all chuckled out
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    Why do TV forecasters call a small bump in the isobars in a low pressure system a "ridge of high pressure"? Such a bug bear as its not true at all(pressure does not significantly rise for one), a true ridge of high pressure is one that may topple after a Northerly and then the high topples quickly and replaced by low pressure.
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    This recent weather proves why I detest this month ever dwindling daylight and mild. Wake me up when it’s over!
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    It's not coming this winter donk
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    Sickeningly mild pattern!
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    Three times in just under one week, I have received automated telephone calls claiming that IP address has been compromised and that I need to call them back by pressing 1 on my telephone which I did not do. I have reported it on the who has called me UK website and the police fraud website. Here are the telephone numbers, in case anyone is unexpectedly called by the computer fraudsters: 01303334092, 01572910563 and 01310445630
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    Uranus will be visible tonight
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    Heating on for the first time since March. I should've cleaned the dust out of the radiators. =x
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    Doing a model of mount Vesuvius going boom over Pompeii out of paper and card and plaster of paris and my brain wants to go boom,
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