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    OMG it's raining in London so we'll put this on the front page http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43943001
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    Happy St George's Day
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    Overheard in the local shop: “we’re getting a heatwave next week” “Oh really?! where did you hear about that?” “It was in the Express”
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    Update: last year we were desperately worried about our newly born great grandson. He had a brain hemorrhage, his heart stopped twice and there were accurate problems with his bowel. He had a stoma fitted and has now been reversed, he needs special milk as he is lactose intolerant, hernia has been sorted and he is a very lively, determined one year old today. Not quite walking yet but he can go round the chairs and pull himself up. He has a loving smile, a yell that can break glass and he knows exactly what he wants. As we left he was busy crawling up the stairs after climbing in the washing machine and getting stuck. He still has a hole in the heart which will be another big hurdle for him ( next week) but the heart team are quite confident he is strong enough to sail through it. Still a worry for us all but we trust their judgement. To have come though everything is a tribute to his determination and the exceptional care he has received from docs, nurses and health care professionals in our magnificent SNHS. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
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    I'm in dire need of some inventive ways of avoiding Saturday's vomit fest! I bet Rees-Smugg will be in his element though!
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    Look a-likes.. in well known celebs and sports people..
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    Looking forward to cooler times
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    Umm.... it is a bank holiday weekend right? Did someone forget to given the weather a memo for our usual dose of constant rain for once.
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    Whatching Arsenal is painful far too slow in attack and so predictable. If our World Cup hopes rely on Welbeck were all snookered.
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    Thin layer of bird on the ice bath this morning
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    Thin layer of ice on bird bath this morning.
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    Night Night All Sweet Dreams God Bless x
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    What an absolutely stunning weekend!....nuff said!
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    No more royal news please I don't give a flying wotsit
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    I hope your May 2018 CET forecast comes off.
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    Its not cool it feels cold in the rain today, anybody who thinks otherwise just step outside
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    Start of Tour 1 coming into view on the GFS, chase season is almost here!
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    And the record for warmest May Day Bank Holiday has gone 24.2C in Herstmonceux in East Sussex
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    Now a 12 year old and 15 year old have been shot around here. Four shootings in a week.
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    Just installed an M.2 hard drive. The future is now!
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    BBC with there claim to so called Global Warming are now picking on Antartica just because the Artic has not melted , contrary to the BBC stance a few years ago that by 2012 the Artic would have no ice Shame on you BBC ...
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    The C02 theory of Global Warming is akin to turning on a hot shower in your bathroom , then claiming what warmed the bathroom was you turning on the light
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