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    Hope these Nutella riots in France don't spread.
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    A very powerful soul gratifying image never forget.
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    Being ill and watching daytime TV is a terrible thing. I actually found myself enjoying Antiques Roadtrip. What has my life come to
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    model thread....one liner ramps....*yawn*...people still completely ignoring the ramps/moans thread making viewing the model output thread sooooo tiresome
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    Ok posted in model thread but moved.....understandably Ok I bid you good night and possibly for a while....I’ll look in. On a note of previous recent spats and what TEITS posted re his fight and importance of cold. Dave chuffed you pulled through mate, great news. Guys and girls weather is passionate but not worth really having aggro over. It really isn’t....but keep passion...that is important. I have to empty my dad’s house this weekend in Swansea next week as council want it back. No sympathy...I get that entirely but I’ll be distracted. Speak soon...and hopefully next weekend my trip back to Redhill will be long due to SNOW!! best regards Fred aka BFTP
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    108 members in SE thread and nothing is happening (yet).
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    Can't even crack a joke, and make it obvious, in the model discussion thread. And so here I am moaning about it.
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    Driving home to twighlight in the west - first time this year. The light is coming back!
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    The Armchair experts sniff a SSW event on the horizon. Let the inevitable ramping and point scoring begin.
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    Weather forecasting and cultish worshipping are a bizarre mix
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    Wont be an easterly in a million years preached this all knowing prophet
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    Finally proposed to my girlfriend this weekend, on her 30th birthday too. (5 years) she been waiting and she didn't have a clue
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    Metaled roads seem to be a luxury in the atacama region
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    why are people loosing the plot with the changing model outputs?...it's been said by those with proper knowledge and those with a bit of common sense soooo many times that the output would fluctuate greatly as the algorithms have the mathematical effects of a SSW thrown in to an already complex set of equations.....have a word with yourselves peeps!....lol
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    It's on again, well at least until midnight
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    large teapot confirmed yet again - despite SSW, easterly won't verify.
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    Christmas theme available stickies just popped up , second bite of the cherry 🍒 ???
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    Just pm'd you the recipe it was luverly
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    It took me a while but I've finally worked out why our easterlies have been awful for years now. He weighs over 20 stone and is over 7 foot tall, and since he retired our easterlies have been dreadful! The beast from the east rules out a comeback
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    I see the SSW is suddenly disappearing. large teapot is a reality, it's high time people accepted it.
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    It takes c.14 days for an SSW to effect our weather - that's the orthodoxy I learnt many years ago. Has the thinking changed to merit instant gratification?
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    Thanks for the input and banter today folks. Loved it 😍
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    Hi mok your on 90,000 + 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
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    According to the Mirror, the Polar Vortex is rare haha.
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    Looking at the models feels a bit like fishing to me. You get a hook, start reeling it and reeling it and just as you think you're going to land a nice big fish, the line snaps.
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    So so happy, my eldest daughter has been accepted to 2 uni's, now it's all up to her, getting the right grades. Still one more place to hear from too.
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    Free the elf. This country has a continuous winter with the amount of snowflakes here. Half dressed plastic dolls demeaning to women Wow
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    Watching this was incredible..
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    Munich Air disaster What a waste not a utd fan Obviously but probably the best player this country has ever produced died that day Solace to all involved.
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    The new graphics are awful - tiny.
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    So bbc removed the daily video forecast from the site, good move!
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    My job is so much easier with proper cold than marginal rubbish. Forecasting is easier with snow down to sea level!
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    Now that is a wave and a half...
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    Using my new iPhone 7. 😎
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    bbc weather website is dog biscuits!
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    I keep getting an odd train advert from aunt fanny and dick ...
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    Cant wait to read the Climate Chronicles from Jo Bastardi
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    Last full day in the Atacama,tomorrow to Santiago for some high life
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    Had my first ever blood donation today. Quick and almost painless. If you're willing to receive a blood transfusion then you should be willing to give blood yourself! Plus, free biscuits.
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    PSA test 0.66 well under come on.
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    Follow 8 people and nobody follows me back
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    The new street lights suck, warm orange replaced with dull white, snow will show up better though
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    I had a nasty nightmare last night: I woke up one morning and discovered I had turned into a Leaver!
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    Had my PSA test yesterday. Easy blood test. if you are a over 50 man, check it out. ;-)
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    Twitter has crashed mass panic sparked people have to speak the old fashioned way
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    It's not everyday you watch 30,000 tons of ice fall in a lake that's 500 metres deep
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    Well the Met Office cocked up last night for not naming that low. The whole thing is a ruddy farce.
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