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    I think you are trying to have your unsettled cake and eat it in that post!
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    A piccy if thus afternoons hailstorm as it approached from the West taken from the top of DundeeLaw.
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    ECM T192, high pressure reasserts, who'd have thunk it??! The reload still looking the form horse for me, but with considerable uncertainty still to be ironed out.
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    Well dodgy joints woke me up so while walking round trying too free up the painful joints took these two pics on my phone
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    A few from my first ever attempts last night. Kept it local so foreground is kinda naff...
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    Mission aborted - had to hang out the window instead. ? Very annoying as there is a wee beach at the bottom of my street which is in total darkness - would have got some good pictures! (Rather than bright lamp post lights reflecting off my window!)
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    Arpege really extending that heat on Wednesday and Thursday, low 30s through Central/Southern parts.. Dare I say it.... A cheeky 34-35c possible in a few isolated spots.. Its a tarmac burner either way you look at it.
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    Well that worked out well? well called @mushymanrob? some fantastic photos from everyone tonight.. some wonderful art.. managed to snag a Weather Watcher My report for Harborne WWW.BBC.CO.UK Harborne, Birmingham 28mm 4" @ f 7.1 iso 125 90mm 1.3" @ f8.0 iso 1000 28mm 2.5" @ f7.1 iso125 28mm 2.5" @f 7.1 iso 125 28mm 4" @ f 7.1 iso 200 working on a Time lapse
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    1st one of another batch of 200 I took between 2am and 315am and what a display this was Happy with the Reflections in this
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    That was worth peeking outside at 2:30am for, saw the beginning of it just getting underway and didn't have a clue to just how bright and defined the NLCs actually got before the sunrise. Almost all of the northern horizon was full of them, including wisps overhead. Hopefully more of these evenings & early mornings to come in the week ahead.
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    NLCs all above the northern horizon this evening from here in the Peak District ? i'm glad I decided to take a peek at what was around and took the camera along.
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    Incredible pictures in here - best thread on Netweather! ? Just rain here today but glad to see others got some action! Stunning pictures @howham @Norrance - that is exactly what I want to see this Summer! ? Had some nice sun beams earlier. Currently hanging out the window (can’t go out incase I wake my other half and toddler son ?) enjoying a lovely display of noctilucent clouds - If anyone is awake it is still ongoing...look North if the sky is clear!
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    Got about 300 to process - Only done the zoomed in of the waves but the Panorama ones are better
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    Looks like a bump of High Pressure by day 7 on the ECM, what next! Day 8 looking pretty good... Again and I'm sick of saying this!! Especially the South... ?
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    Nice to see that the GFS hasn't had an overnight brain-fart; the 00z op has things still looking set to cool down, sometime over the coming weekend, and into the following week: But, there's still plenty of scatter within the GEFS ens, from July 1st -- and the 2m temps still look too low:? NH profiles:
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    best I could do with phone.
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    I pretty much crapped out every time I tried to capture these last year but tonight I finally managed it. This was looking NNE about 11PM. Shame about the foreground but that will do for now ? (scaled down image)
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    Just a little teaser from the UKV: No MLCAPE to look at on this model, yet. However, it's likely that there's plenty of it to support some elevated stuff. Still too early to worry about any fine details. And after last week, optimism is lower than a snakes bum.
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    ECM parallel has decided to to not rebel against its older brother tonight. A west - based -NAO on both where the jet stream is orientated north of east and subsequently allowing warmer weather to push in from south west at times.
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    LOL.. EC cancels the breakdown for the SE and its a toppler breakdown for the rest of us ?
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    Well the ECM at 144 has the same low as the UKMO, but by 168 it's pulling north and weakening, opening the gates for a renewed push of warmth from the south by 192. It's quite complex and messy by this stage though, so treat this run with even more caution for days 9 and 10
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    Wow this really is a HOT topic isn’t it..just burned my fingers!? Looking at the GEFS 12z..although the op / mean suggest fresher & cooler air pushing across the u k by Saturday, some members cling on to residual very warm / hot and humid air for a day longer and although we are then into a more changeable (north / south) split..longer term there is some support for high pressure to return during early July so it’s not just the op, there are some 12z members supporting it to varying degrees but really why am I even jumping so far ahead when we are now into the best spell of the summer so far with scorching sunshine and talk of 34c 93f and then severe thunderstorms which is my idea of summer heaven!???️
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    You would be absolutely correct - all the ingredients for some epic storms there. Heat in situ, and cooler air and low pressure moving in from the west. CAPE and LI will be high. I’d wager a bet some places will see some monumental storms Friday.
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    Hi All, I just thought | would share three timelapses I did of the storms last week from where I live in Tamworth. The one on the 16th is my favourite. All are in UHD, enjoy! Regards Bryant
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    Get your full English Breakfasts ready for Thursday according to Arpege you may be able to cook em on the pavements! ? Really going for it it with 34C in the offering.. ECM not so drastic but still hot.
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    Managed to get an Editor's Pick amongst these... Eyes peeled for the next few nights with clear skies forecast for most.
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    My second shot of the night, this time from across Hanningfield Reservoir, somewhere between 2 and 3am. Didn't look as bright to me as the earlier showing but seemed much wider across the horizon - I was running on fumes by then though. Yes big thanks to @Arnie Pie for keeping us all updated.
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    Nice that the ECM 0z operational manages to squeeze out an extra day of heat or at least very warm and humid conditions into Saturday, as does the Gfs 0z op but the main theme of the coming days is becoming sunny and increasingly hot and sticky with a growing chance of T-Storms..a really Mediterranean feeling spell, indeed the hottest week of the summer so far with 90f set to be reached further s / se later this week..perhaps a bit higher, some very uncomfortable nights though!????️..564 dam across n Scotland & n isles..now that is unusual!?
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    Better resolution image of what I captured earlier. Can’t upload it here due to it being more than 10MB.
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    Catching up with the thread and some real jaw-dropping pictures in here, very nice indeed Some of the summer solstice weekend skies were pure art, here’s a few from around here Breezy start to the week today but pretty welcome as it provides respite from the midges, who have been particularly numerous/hellish these last few wks. Looking forward to a thunderstorm or two possibly rattling by this week
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    Yes not a pretty chart from UKMET model at 144... I posted previously i was not keen on the trend to high latitude blocking and the above illustrates clearly why. That said, after a glorious April and May and a reasonable June ,it might be worth remembering we don't reside in Southern Spain and cooler unsettled interludes in most summers is hardly uncommon. So,after this weeks heat and hopefully a few juicy storms, a breakdown to something more unsettled and cooler looks inevitable. Question being for how long,a week or two wouldn't bother me in the slightest,a month or two,different matter alltogether.
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    Friday, on the face of it, looks like being packed with thundery potential...?? But, as we all know, appearances can be deceiving!
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    Great minds think alike ? except my reflections were in a window.
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    Just wow - Phone pic for now
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    This one was shot at 1120pm as it started to recede back. With regards the settings I just play around from 200 to 1600 ISO and F3.5 to F6.0 and adjust the times from around 2 seconds upto 20 seconds but the 20 second ones are a bit grainy
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    My effort here for this evening at 23:15 Not bad for a smartphone! (night sight/astrophotography mode on Google Pixel 3a xl)
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    To the north-west just now. After 20 cloudy nights, better late than never!
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    Just a couple through my window at the moment - looking North. Going to try and sneak out the house for better pictures without waking up my other half and toddler son! ? Pictures above taken on my IPhone 11 Pro Max.
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    Interesting to see the UKV showing the highest temps on Thursday to be West of London, more Reading to Oxford and Westward towards Gloucester/Worcester.
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    Did a quick 2 min video and sped it up so people can see what these clouds look like in real life without the use of long exposures n such. This was from the first batch of these clouds just after sunset.
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    Feels like the model runs are pulling options out of a hat at the moment, with respect to what goes on Fri-Sat. GFS shifted much less aggressive with the trough, but ECM and UKMO went slightly more so. GFS makes the western of the two secondary lows (of the trough) dominant, while ECM and UKMO give the eastern one the main say in things. So, I'm not resting easy on that yet. Looks very sensitive to slight adjustments in starting conditions. Speaking of uncertainty, it's vast in the longer range, as projections for AAM continue to flail about. The 00z operational ECM took it distinctly negative, but the previous few runs had it rising into the positive range instead. I've rarely been less sure what will happen in the next fortnight. This lack of clear direction is captured perfectly by the two versions of the 00z ECM - operational and parallel. This is the most different I can recall seeing them since the parallel was started up: The disparity is already strong at +192. Yet at +168 there's much less difference, with both models showing a high over the Central Arctic Basin and a low just south of Iceland (but parallel not as close to the UK as operational). So, there looks to be a key fork in the road in about a week's time. Unsurprisingly, what goes on in the N. Pacific and subsequently N. America is key. ECM operational amplifies the former, then latter, building strong high pressure northward from N. America, right across the W. Hemisphere Arctic. Parallel keeps the Pacific pattern flatter. Here we see the Pacific to UK weather link that Tamara explained on here yesterday.
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    Well having missed by in large the 12z runs yesterday I was pleased to see @Allseasons-si post the mighty Navgem . I am back today and pleased to say the Navgem has the Hairdryer turned up to the max . Still looking good this week so Enjoy ? .
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    Lol I was going to go to the road that cuts across Hanningfield Reservoir to the South looking north so we might have been 2 lonely cars snapping away but went for the closer option. Great Shot Dan I like the reflections in this one below as well - Seems SE Essex was well placed for this event being so far south at 50.8N
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    Could only do the dusk showing... Firstly a big THANK YOU to @Arnie Pie whos research into the daisy charts means that we have a method of predicting seeing them... ? My best over Derby, my lad has better pics on his superior phone! lol
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    Thats awesome mate, thanks for watching them all ? I did not count my miles exactly and the milometer on my car is not showing as the bulb has gone, but it was 3 full tanks of petrol plus a bit, so over a thousand in total (from Sat to Wed). Yes I have been splashed and I have nearly aquaplaned off the road haha. This is the first time I have literally almost come off the road and believe me, I was more shaken up than I allowed myself to sound. There was a lorry right behind me too. Thats one of my nine lives gone! The close thunder did make me jump, I couldn't hide that one so well ? I will hopefully be out again later in the week but I am back in the office from today. Bonus is I finish at 1pm on Friday, but ideally I want the storms to come at night as I expect they could be quite spectacular if they do.
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    Evident on my timelapse from overnight
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