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    A surfer missing in Sussex has been found alive. Great. Now they can send the moron a bill for the callout for his stupidity.
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    Even doors are getting windy
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    Thought to myself yesterday "wonder if I should take the gazebo down?" Thought to myself "nahhh it'll be fine!!" Fekkit..
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    Just seen this on Twitter. Awesome mammatus clouds in Bridlington.
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    89mph on my roof mounted station in Dinorwic North West Wales. I’m a camera man for the BBC and ive seen my fair share of extreme environments, without exaggeration its like a hurricane out there. Rain is very heavy and very persistent. My house is 977ft ASL Not the worst i’ve seen here mind....yet
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    It's been a wet night with a hint of snow earlier, when I got up at 5.30am it was 2C and raining heavily. MrsC was up during the night and thought it was snowing but it's now 7C. Yes I brought my thermometer on holiday with me The pics are from slightly higher up Kirkton Glen but probably not more than 250m: Kirkton Burn is way up on where it was last night, it was rising fast this morning so the area in front of this bridge had been almost clear when I set out on my walk: This was the scene higher up the glen with some heavy rain and a strong breeze. I had my storm proof brolly up so it was quite nice in a bit of shelter. The dogs seemed to enjoy it, I think Fergus is in the middle distance in this one: Roll on the snow.
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    If your have trouble spelling or pronouncing Ciara then you have no chance with my daughter's names aoibheann & Aoife.
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    The usual moaning on here where some are incapable of acknowledging something unless it's happened in their actual garden or, at worst, the next street. It baffles me why so many feel the need to do this 'non-event over hyped' garbage. It's often combined with faintly frothing rants at the Met Office, maybe because the Met Office is full of clever scientists who make their living through their talents. Unless, perish the thought, the critics are attention seeking
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    The surfer should arrested for wasting police time & made to pay back the cost of the launch of the RNLI. There would have been copious amounts of danger signs on the beach front today + the TV coverage > to be honest Should have let drown > Imagine if one of the crew woukd have their lost their lives to someone who actually had control of the situation to start with.
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    Some dafties parked their cars foolishly at Riverside in Dundee
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    Dead right. Flooding on a par with rapid snow melt. Here's Upper Tweeddale this morn: Normally the river's mostly hidden up against the far hill. And what's surprising is the whole lot is flowing! Peebles will be interesting.
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    I think most of us in the West/Central parts today are looking at peak gusts of 55mph - can’t see anything higher than that. (Unless a sting jet develops and moves inland but it is quite a rare occurrence) Latest GFS Standard Winter gales for us (risk of flooding looks a bigger issue than the wind today) Wind will shift WSW/W around lunchtime/early afternoon and that’s when the strongest gusts will hit. (High tide here at midday - SEPA have a warning out for coastal flooding) Met Office only going for 50/55mph here and MeteoGroup 55mph so pretty much in agreement. Enjoy or don’t enjoy today and then it’s snow watch time from later tonight/early hours of tomorrow for a couple of days! Quick flight for these folk this morning!
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    Widespread obs of 60+ gusts even inland and we're well off the worst of it yet. UKV has moved significantly towards the EC wind gusts (i.e. increased them) this morning. The EC has widespread 70-75mph gusts this afternoon and even hinting at 80s even inland.
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    Here's the BBC's take on this evening...and just ouch at how wrong they were: The GFS is the best model at short term wind predictions, all other freely available models should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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    That's the sleet on 3.5/3°C. Bucketing down.
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    Yes NWS you deserve a bit of the white stuff mate, I know you've been tearing your hair out this Winter waiting for something to happen! Perhaps a little payback is the order of the day over the next few days.. Those GFS snow charts do look tempting now and for once it's all within the next 48 hours! I'm expecting a few surprises to crop up here at short notice also. I'm also go na be brave and make a call of a few locations being hit pretty hard! Could be some fun and games very shortly... Ohh and mind the wind folks, it's enough to blow ya wig clean off..
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    I didn’t go the family get together in the west end. I had a lot of work to do around the couch... Wife went and proclaimed on arrival home ‘I’ve driven in worse that didn’t have a name’.
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    Great picture from the Newhaven Lighthouse in Sussex earlier. (Credit: AFP or licensors - image on the Sun newspaper website) The above is what I always imagine in my head when I go out to experience our wind storms...below is my reality. (Taken by me yesterday - The Cloch Lighthouse down the road! ) Good to see some reports of sleet - plenty of showers packing in! Turning more wintry by the hour! It is great to jump from one weather event to another after such a shi*te Winter! Mon the snow!
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    The squall line that passed through was phenomenal, the intensity of the rain was incredible with the gustiness. Best squall line event for some years Took video footage of it, not sure it does it justice
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    Wind, rain and moped muggers.
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    Yep. Certainly agree there nick. That is one dangerous squall line
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    A rather bumpy descent into Edinburgh earlier! Quite surprised by the level of flooding between the airport and home! Great to be home, albeit a day later than planned, and looking forward to seeing what the weathers throws at us over the next few days!
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    IMHO the level 2 was justified. I'm a tree surgeon in Derbyshire and we've been out all day responding to call outs from power company and local authority. We've been to 25 jobs and personally I was attending a tree that had downed a 11kv line when the squall line went through and another big tree went over right next to us! Definitely the most intense squall I've personally witnessed. (was somewhat East of Nottingham at the time)
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    Windy day down here in Gourock ! A wee boat lost it moorings
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    I don't think that comparison is at all fair. Bungee jumping and sky diving is done under far more controlled conditions with risk assessments performed. I'd argue the chances of being killed by either of those are miniscule in comparison to going out in the sea in Force 11 winds and then expecting the emergency services to bail you out. Seeking adrenaline is one thing. Being a pillock is another.
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    I believe the squall line just arrived in Leicester... Leicester 1349.mp4
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    Winds really starting to pick up again. This accurately describes things: EDIT Serious squall coming through complete with howling wind and hail thrown into the mix.
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    Wondering if the Met office is having a weather symbol clearout? They seem to have stuck them all randomly on the Falkirk forecast (actually we're missing lightning and fog)
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    Jetstream is so fast it took a NY to London flight under 5 hours !
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    Imagine if all this falls as snow: Or even half of it.
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    Storm Dennis next weekend? Latest ECM: Latest GFS: I am now suffering from model/chart viewing burnout! It has been a long week of will it/won’t it. Have a good night everyone and I look forward to the snow reports/pictures/videos in here over the next two and a half days.
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    Lol talk about going for snow Euro4 lying snow totals if only.
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    It’s actually impossible to comprehend the ineptitude and incompetence of people. To have a flood gate and not shut it is frankly criminal, someone should be getting the sack. Had a multitude of people ask me last night if the road was shut when a 20 foot tree was blocking both carriageways and ‘How am I going to get around this?’ Nah am standing here in the pouring rain for my own enjoyment. So self-absorbed
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    All the PM runs have for the most part reverted to the ECMs solution of a strong Euro high > The ECM has on occasion over amplified but by the same token GFS has been to southerly with the forecast The net fallout > Worst case scenario a hugh SW > NE Axis bringing more unseasonal warmth all the way across N europe. RubbisH TBH
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    LOL snow shield activated . Though usually a warning is a curse for snow here so perhaps no warning will mean we actually get snow
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    This jet stream bought BA a flight back from NY in 4 hours and 56 mins. Traveling upto 825mph. A new record for subsonic aircraft.
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    And in terms of a whole event #StormCiara running over five days is certainly worth the "hype" Wild yesterday in Scotland, Amber all day for most of England and Wales, which will have enabled people to consider their Sunday plans and adapt in time. More to come in westerlies tomorrow for SW and with snow further north.
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    My first ever post. Amazing squall here now near Crewe in south Cheshire. Has been going for 15 minutes so far
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    Met Office changed from sleet showers to heavy snow showers from early tomorrow morning for most of the day. Could be a interesting drive to work tomorrow at 3.30pm if this is the be believed...
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    The 06z GFS shows most of Scotland doesn't have strong gusts, just watch out across the north as it is picking up some stronger gusts, maybe as high as 70mph this afternoon:
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    Hello everyone! Today seems like a good day to join a weather forum. It is already very, very windy here, I'd already lost two roof slates and an old fence panel by 07.30hrs, not looking forward to the rest of the day. I'm near Wisbech, North Cambs.
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    Well, we had plenty of blusteriness yesterday and a few wee splashes of rain overnight. Showers have passed through very quickly, thankfully. Still to check rain gauge to see how much rain we've had up here. Still don't know which forecast to go with for today, wind gust forecasts are varying from anything between 45 - 60mph. Certainly a lot of rain overnight as the usual loch has formed outside garage door. Fortunately it drains away very quickly. Highest wind speed I got here was 41.2mph around lunchtime. We only had two mini power blips yesterday so it wasn't really that bad. We'll see what today brings then! Stay safe everyone! Just checked and emptied rain gauge, two inches of rain since Friday morning. So a slightly damp couple of days then!
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