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    The outlook over the next few days Is certainly different to what we have been used to recently with the cyclonic influence becoming paramount and thus bouts of wind and rain with temps much cooler Currently the storms of yesterday evening are still effecting the north east and will continue over eastern Scotland as the cold front clears into the North Sea. With the center of the low pressure adjacent to western Scotland frequent heavy showers will be the order of the day, particularly in N. Ireland and western areas, in the brisk south westerly wind with temps much nearer average. But away to the south west the next wave with associated fronts is winging it's way north east and more concentrated cloud and rain will effect the south west by evening. Overnight and through Sunday the low will track NNE across the UK to be north of Scotland 994mb by 00 Monday so Sunday will be a wet and windy day, with gales in some areas, for virtually everyone by Monday the UK and the eastern Atlantic are dominated by low pressure centred to the west and north west of Ireland with fronts just clearing east into the North Sea so the UK in a brisk south westerly wind with frequent showers, mainly concentrated in the north and west. A not dissimilar day on Tuesday with temps perhaps even a little below average Wednesday sees high pressure starting to ridge NE into the south so a tad warmer but systems still swinging NNE bringing some cloud and rain to N. Ireland and western Scotland And the NH profile at T120
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    From T96 the ecm starts the process of deconstructing the trough in mid Atlantic which initiates northward ridging of high pressure from Iberia into the southern half of the UK and thus more settled conditions and temps warming. The 0600 geostationary, Some hefty showers around and a couple of passing brief thunderstorms down here earlier.
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    Given that the post I'm quoting was as much of a ramp than an objective analysis, I trust that my cool ramping response will be treated as leniently by the moderators. I think the poster might be surprised to learn that there are some down here in the south and east who are more likely to despair at the ECM 00z showing 20+C 850hPa temperatures than the 06z GFS indicating a merely hot spell of weather rather than daytime mazima of 39-40C which will undoubtedly cause an increase in hospital admissions.
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    After the ECM ensembles it looks like the form horse is very much the re-ridging from the Azores that we saw for much of early summer, so lots of glorious summer weather, ECM mean at T240: FIM9 at T228 has a similar idea My expectations are that this type of scenario (which is lovely summer weather ) will continue to be shown by model output, as will the high temperature plume scenarios. Who knows which will win, but both are a long way from the Atlantic dominated summers of recent years!
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    @Singularity will be pleased by the UKMO efforts with high pressure building through the UK with a trough in the Atlantic with the heat already pushing into southern England by Friday. Certainly back to around 30C or so in the south and it is warm to very warm for near enough everyone with a very slack easterly breeze. GFS A decent effort as well with the Azores high building north east, not quite as warm as the UKMO at this point but not too bad and certaily scope to develop things further with the trough moving east to hopefully displace the ridge eastwards.
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    UKMO 12z at 144hrs is very anticyclonic
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    A picture taken yesterday of the York supercell, from Guiseley near Leeds: https://flic.kr/p/29tKyfN
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    ECM T192 strengthens case for a plume probably impinging the SW first: Edit: maybe the heat going towards the SE actually at T216: Edit: deep heat retracting, but resurgence of high pressure from the Azores at T240:
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    Here are some stills from my videos which I will have uploaded by later today, the 4th pic is the extremely close bolt I was talking about with the blinding white flash. (I have another camera which was also recording I will post more stills if I find any)
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    A passing storm at 0600 this morning
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    Some amazing genuine hero's in that film. Proper hero's not Hollywood ones.
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    Didn't get the storm here but there was some nice cloud structure's to it a pic of one of the storm cells from yesterday morning.
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    Hiya, You gave me a bit of encouragement when I was suffering with SAD in a long run of grey days in December and explained your reverse SAD. Glad you are enjoying the weather today. I’m hoping high pressure comes back as have a two week family holiday in north west Wales starting Friday. Low 20s, dry with lots of sun would be perfect though and probably suit everyone except the record chasers. Sadly we can’t influence what the weather will do though!
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    Morning, Seen some great shots of the lightning across Aberdeen Fri evening. Was certainly disturbed! Died down seemingly just after 10pm, but I was awoken again by torr rain & a clap of thunder by another cell 0040 this morning. Not sure what happened after, I awoke something-to-6 with showers but no electrical activity. Has actually been bright but still clouds around - I think NE Scotland still under a warning until early Sat pm.
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    When you’ve been baking in the capital for weeks on end, poor show really we did see some much needed rain still have puddles and rain fell hours ago, humidity I assume limiting evaporation.
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    Hail from the storm in York. Wouldn't want that falling on your head!
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    Oh! Ta Shuggee. How can I tell it is a photoshop? It has been shared on social media and the local newspaper has gone with it too.
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    Wet, windy and cool here too. Temp dropped from over 20C in late afternoon to 11C now with wind and rain. Many caught out at the open air concert this evening at Slessor Gardens in town having dressed for Summer. Here is one photo of the lightning last night taken from Albert Street in Dundee and copied online.
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    The GEFS 12z mean shows the great weather coming back with high pressure / strong azores ridging and becoming very warm / hot across southern uk, especially southern / southeast england where temps would return to the high 20's / low 30's celsius.
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    2001 baby! class song @Summer Sun, was big on Atlantic as well
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    I really don't understand why you feel the need to moan about what other people want. Maybe you should just enjoy the cooler conditions while they are here?
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    The minimum temperature today was 13C.. set at 4:15pm during a thunderstorm. Getting the low temp at random times of the day is obviously pretty normal in winter but very rare in the summer.
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    "Apps" should never be relied upon in showery conditions - no model can ever predict exactly where a shower will fall. They should only be interpreted as a likelihood of showers "in the vicinity" which may or may not fall on your location Should see some decent frontal rain tomorrow though
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    had 3 separate storms cells here today , one over head with frequent thunder every few seconds, not much lightning visible though I did see a few intracloud flashes, if only it was night
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    More distant thunder. Good old polar Maritime. Almost always delivers here. Sun is back out to add more juice.
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    YNOT near to Bakewell has been having issues with the gusts of wind all throughout the day with some bands being delayed, and organizers advising anyone with tents to make sure they're properly fastened into the ground after a few empty ones decided to take a short flight over the Peak District fields.
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    The only thing of note here is the breeze. We are now the dry slow on the radar. Yup I can see the Thunder clouds elsewhere just to rub it in.
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    Wow!! The storm has made the temperature drop to 12.7'c !!!
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    Has anybody seen this yet ? . I have not got around to it but hopefully will do soon .
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    Here’s the back edge of that cell now heading over the Wirral and towards Liverpool. Its coming your way @Chris.R
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    Amber T-storm warning issued by Met Office for N Ireland https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-07-28
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    Sun's out for first time today after bursts of rain overnight and this morning feels so much cooler and fresher at long long last might not be like this forever but I plan to enjoy it
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    I have been looking online but I have not found anything from official sources.
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    Are you Nathan Rao from the Daily Express?
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    Tweeted Matt Hugo and although he doesn't keep numbers, he's noticed it as well and yesterday only emphasises the decline. "I don't really, no. But yeah these last few years there's not been many at all. Summer time synoptics this summer especially, have simply not allowed it and today we are just not positioned right. Last 'proper' storm here in E Lancs was circa 22nd Sept 2016 " https://mobile.twitter.com/MattHugo81/status/1022912101478748161
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    To be fair though....you are in Leeds! It’s usually the case that in any hot spell the SE tends to fare best the majority of the time. Temps of 24-28c are still 3-7c above normal, it’s the same as London getting 27-31c, which is on the whole what has been generally happening.
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    Lots of heavy rain tonight, and a single clap of thunder. Very welcome, not least because cycling home earlier this evening was extremely uncomfortable in the muggy conditions, despite a cooler max of 'only' 23c - in previous summers that temperature would have been fairly impressive!
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    Another cell here now. Much better than expected tonight with plenty more around on the radar!
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    Getting very close now. Lightning to the East. One close clap and suddenly the heavens have opened! where did that wind come from?
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    Keep hearing very distant thunder as well. Really spooky actually! Going by the radar Paisley/Renfrew/Clydebank must be getting soaked. right now.
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    This to the East of me suggests that my hope for a single strike of lightning is gone. We have had probably 27 raindrops west of Northampton today, could see rain to the West and storms to the East but naff all here.
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    This is one stunning looking storm (MCS in Kent). Definitely looks severe and very green. Some lowerings too!! And we are just about to drive into it...wish us luck!!!
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    The heavens have opened! Shortly after this photo ️ Absolutely incredible right now. The wind speeds!!!
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    Come on ECM let the plume fly north and give us a start of August to remember Afterall we have had an end of May, the whole of June/July summer so far which will be reminisced about for many a year!! its surely not to much to ask is it?? MNR
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    Sat at a services just south of Immingham. Escaped some large hail at Saltfleetby earlier and retreated. Raining and rumbling gently here away from the main core. Main aim now after getting close to some severe storms is to get some nighttime lightning later. Difficult to see what the picture will look like in 3 hours but hopefully still some strong storms not too far away 🌩
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    New research show blueprint for El Niño diversity http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/news-events/news/articles/newresearchshowblueprintf.html https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0252-6.epdf?author_access_token=WvQbSpQvWAi-aPM29o_YgNRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0MvbShUdbnL9czve3oNcK5VOiset1l1GPhGCkmW01rDMTgioW9fAmr4lxyDh2nxUG8MsfGSaVc2UI07DuIynsSVCfegTPLNetmArzt5-194Cw%3D%3D
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    Storms showing up well on the 1800 UTC geostationary
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    Lol, I've already done this. Found I think it was a north American rain dance and performed it in the kitchen one evening last week..................my cats thought I had lost the plot and........nope it didn't work!
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