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    I’d say winter itself is not quite done with us, we won’t be seeing powder snow certainly not in S having it in the capital for the last five days has been phenomenal and truly strange. Jet stream seems to remain well south not surprising following SSW, it looks fairly cyclonic too meaning there’s going to be a risk of a marginal snow event even in south. As lows engage with cold air at times, tomorrow the cold spell lingers in Scotland and Northern England. A thaw setting in for most areas right now no drip, I’ll truly be sad, to see this go imminent now. People being happy brings out the best in people snow, I’d say people rally together, the pace of life slows down and in London that’s great. I know for many they’ve waited for 5 years like myself, I’m hopeful we won’t need to be waiting that long in winters ahead.
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    No don’t do it! These models trying to keep me from getting on with other things ! The GFS 06 hrs run takes low pressure ne in towards the UK. The low is little too deep here and still uncertainties as to how much cold air that could engage on its northern flank. The trouble some feature is that shortwave hanging around Iceland which stops a better wedge of heights developing to the nw but enough in this run to keep the interest going for coldies. I’ll give it a few more runs if I must !
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    So the cold is almost at an end with a steady thaw expected over the coming days. As such the region will be one again. May I just say that the last week has been a real experience and I must thank all of you for contributing to both threads whereever you were located. I can't remember having much to deal with and the chat has generally been very good with lots of detail, some great pictures and some good banter at times. Anyway, the usual rules apply. Keep things weather related and keep the good vibes in here. Thank you
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    The wife thinks I'm nuts and the kids are bored but yes....... I am about to sit on an upturned plastic tub and have a glass of wine
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    Well after a truly epic 48 hours and what had been massive and overdue reward for the past few months constant model watching, not to mention the years of snow drought for the south west, where do we go now? looks at the moment we will be stuck in a bit of a “meh cold” pattern. Not cold enough for low level snow, with no real sign of spring at all. Pretty good agreement at D6 from the big 3. Hints in low res that we might see something colder further down the line and the ecm ens probably reflect that with some members going cold again. Not expecting anything like what we’ve had over the past week though, it’s been quite exceptional! I’ve had almost 20cm of snow, hours of ice which encased my car, house windows and anything else it touched, never seen anything quite like it!! I know we will be talking about it in my regional thread for years to come.
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    Got the other half to clear a path so I could play. Snow2D2. Toasty 5oC here now thaw well and truly underway. It's been fantastic experiencing the last few days with fellow weather nuts and very entertaining! Cheers all
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    Under normal circumstances if I had woken up to what's fallen overnight I'd be chuffed, a fresh inch of snow Now it is a mere dusting. We've stayed off work again today, we'll probably try to get out this afternoon once the roads are a bit better. There will be more snow tomorrow for some of us but it looks quite patchy and marginal. I am expecting a snow to rain exercise here, people like @mardatha may stay all snow. Maybe 10cm over higher ground or further north and a few slushy cm at best for me I think. The rest of the week is a mushy mess of snow and rain with strong hints of further chances of widespread heavy snow in the next two weeks. Not as bad as what we've had but winter is not over. More boring snow pics: The next one is the main road. The big drift is half way across what should be one side of the road.
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    Lol, @More Snow, do you have a shortcut key for inserting 'epic snow on again'? Show off! I thought it was going to snow here this morning, but no, it was just some ash from next door blowing over the hedge. I took a drive out to where I thought it was snowing (on the radar) but by the time I got there, it had stopped. Can't make it up really. And the bloody Co-op is running out of fresh stuff! I put a few pics from this afternoon in the photo thread. Here they are anyway. Up by Glascarnoch, the wind chill was still nasty, after half an hour it felt like my face was getting pulled off. Loch Glascarnoch has pack ice at the west end. A warning to folk re icicles - don't stand under them! I nearly got speared by one today, that would have been goodnight...
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    Hmm, it’s really quietened down on this thread. I’m beginning to think there may just possibly be some correlation between the prospect of snow falling, or snow actually falling and the amount of posts from members. Do you think I’m on to something there? Anyway others have said the same but I would like to add my voice of thanks to everyone for making this such a fun, friendly and unpretentious place to talk about the weather over the last week or so. It’s been quite a ride weather-wise and the quality of banter has been high! A special word of thanks to the regulars* on this thread, the guys and gals who post year round whether it’s an epic easterly at the end of winter or a boring drizzlefest in the beginning of June. They know who they are but @CatchMyDrift @Hairy Celt @Northernlights @Ravelin @Blitzen @NUT @Cheggers and their like (definitely not an exhaustive list). You guys lead this thread, we just follow! * I consider myself a solid semi-regular these days.
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    Several heavy fine graupel showers this morning. Some of the pellets look less than a mm in diameter hence little impact on the depth of covering. Temp-1C and less breezy than yesterday. More showers incoming. Need to venture out and stock up on supplies today. This Fieldfare opportunely alighted outside a window this morning. Magpie scavenging a victim.
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    Evening Guys Officially signing off for the winter from my window - still all but 5 inches on the ground - have a great year ! Current favourite See you next year S
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    You can see the ice on Glascarnoch a bit more clearly on this one and these were right by the roadside just beyond Garve. Lethal.
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    Thanks to everyone for all your posts ,charts , graphics , humour and like minded madness , frustrations will we won’t we oh yes we have , exhuberence, joy and the child within us all . Thank you all. Bring on the storms now like last summer I captured this over Frome
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    OK, I'm calling a halt to this madness, enough is enough. Just spent nearly 2hrs clearing snow, and it's not the previous few days light fluffy stuff, but heavy-duty industrial style snow so I'm knackered. My daughter is on a mission too, to clear the street single-handedly after she struggled to get the car out and in earlier. She has all seasons tyres but the depth was too deep for her poor little Picanto to overcome. It's amazing the mental effect of being stuck in the house with us for the last few days has manifested itself. Measured 7cm since yesterday on the drive, and it was snowing most of the time I was out clearing it. My piles must be able to rival anyone's by now...
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    As you were into fi with amplification and wedges. Those who can’t bear to give up on winter will have plenty to keep their interest. Dare I say even @Steve Murr ‘s adieu till next winter may turn out to be a bit previous! but to stress again, ‘it won’t be like the past week has been away from elevation or the midlands north’ - perspective needed into mid March.
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    And just to prove it can snow in Broughty Ferry a photo from the little nature reserve about a 100m from the beach. It’s surrounded by trees so the snow wasn’t blown away like most other parts of the sea front.
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    Been an amazing week. First the powder snow great for sledging Tues to Thur and now the wetter snow last night great for snowman building and the kids did a great job this morning.
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    Thaw in process - wonderful few days. Going to take another walk out - and another tomorrow. By Monday it will all be in patches, and winter is gone I think for this season. A real rollercoaster season with lots of potential, near misses and a big hit to finish. Probably cant ask for much more. I wont post much over the summer - I hide from the heat... but have enjoyed it in here this year having not really been a regional fish in the past - so next year will spend more time in this forum. One last post in the mod thread to come - a kind of hindcast analysis... but wont be for a few days. I'm not in the mood at the moment - feel pleasantly punch drunk from the last 2 - 3 weeks!
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    The lagged SSW impacts will continue to keep these lows tracking S of usual so I for one am hoping we can get enough of a HLB to bring something drier; I can put up with a nagging easterly if it means escaping a very soggy run of weather. Unfortunately, nothing particularly well-defined showing up for the week ahead, meaning those lows can pretty much use the UK as a playground. It does however feel like one of those 'sudden snow risk' kind of setups; if one of the many lows moving through happens to move in the right way, there's enough cold air to the NW, N and NE that some significant snowfall could result. Obviously the risk is higher the further north you are - in fact it already looks pretty likely for Scotland - but even the south may not be safe, as the occasional model run has shown us in the past few days. The biggest threat of such an event (i.e. one occurring further south) that I can see next week is actually the low that journeys from a little way NE of Florida to visit us next weekend; if it tracks further S and E than the morning model runs show, it could throw a vast amount of moisture (more than seen with storm Emma) into sufficiently cold air wrapping in from the N and NE to produce a huge dumping somewhere or other. Due to the origin region, though, it may just as well adjust further W and bring us a burst of spring warmth as BA noted earlier. So unfortunately for the weary forecasters among us, still not the most straightforward of weeks coming up.
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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for contributing over the past week, been an enjoyable, historic spell of weather which I doubt I'll ever see again.
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    As an occasional lurker I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who has been posting. I've had great fun reading all the posts. I don't know anything about weather beyond what I observe when I look up at the sky so feel rather under qualified posting anywhere else on the forum but I feel qualified to comment here, since I know what buckfast is, and I've hunted high and low for a plain loaf this week so I feel an affinity with you all.
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    Spent the last two hours helping my dad clear drifts from his drive ! The drifts the drifts I loved it though
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    Someone ought to make a compilation of @More Snow's posts from the last week... and put it in the MT
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    yup can only echo all comments.... i will try and stick around for the summer and become a regular.... i will need some education though.... is it spanish plumes we chase?? what uppers am i looking for.... jet needs to go north instead of south?? i love a bit of good weather to let the kids play out and get some golf if possible so maybe just maybe i can chase the heat..... can more snow change his name to more sun and join us will LS be here.... he seems to have gone off the radar again anyway my hope for this year is to take more pics and hopefully produce one worthy enough for HCs photo gallery... some of the pics you guys take are incredible one minor point though a few people starting to comment as if they have had enough snow...... we may just need to have some vetting of posts if this continues..... like the mad MT any negative comments about snaw should be deleted ? amyway only about 10 months to go until 101 is back to moaning and drinking wine in an igloo is a distant memory as Blitzen trolls him?.... i think he may even deny it happened and hawesy will be back to worrying about if he will ever see lying snow again.... i couldnt stop laughing the other day when the crail road was closed... and of course more snow will be declaring a recent snow shower to be best snow ever its fair to say its been a good winter on here
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    I have never seen so much snow in my life like today,I was trying to reach my friend who lives in Manor Kilbride on Sally gap road(Wicklow Mountains) to give him a lift to the shops as he spent last 4 days in his house not knowing that he is completely snowed in and there is no access to the village as the main road has 7ft drifts, the digger only managed to clear only about a third of the road necessary to reach main street,mountain rescue was leaving after helping elderly woman out and I had to park my van at the end of the cleared part and continue walking on top of a drift for a while,before I got to his estate,then I was sinking knee deep while walking about 500 meters towards his house, that was probably the mean snow depth,some experience, then a senior mountain rescue member confirmed that this is worse than 1982 event up there!
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    Hi all Must also add my thanks to everyone! At times this week I was sitting here for hours at a time, just reading the thread and struggling to keep up. I might have spent more time in here than out in the snow! Seems like things are winding down here snow wise with a dusting today taking us to about 17cm overall, though some of that has already started to melt. An amazing experience, certainly the second best snow event of my lifetime and up there with (and in some aspects surpassing 2010). I will be reading the thread throughout the year, even if I don't post much, but will always remember and appreciated the last few days. Cheers Tim
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    Well that’s a first in here. The first time a greyhound has been brought into the model outlook.
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    yup it has actually snowed here 6 days in a row now i would bank one spell like this every winter even if it was all we got.... been a fun week had first attempt at an igloo last night.... with the kids.... will need to go out and smooth it over later
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    Great week reading everyone’s posts. I’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot . 87 is still the year for me to beat but it was an interesting week to say the least. I’ve got this 8ft snowman in the garden shaded from the sun, so I should keep hold of some of the beast from the east for a number of days yet
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    Some snow showers here this morning in the city but the gradual thaw is starting in areas that are cleared as the temperature is above freezing. Managed to build a snowcano with my daughter as the snowman seemed too much like hard work!
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    My sister bakes custom cakes but she hasn’t had many orders this week due to the weather. She did however manage to make a snow cake. The best thing about this cake is that it has zero calories
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    On Skye. Had porridge for breakfast, chilled with a heilan coo, was out in some glorious scenery, currently in a kilt and off for a shindig and some drams, a decidedly Scottish day ? Slàinte mhath kilties Licking ice makes you happy apparently
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    Both the GFS and UKMO are similar at T144 hrs. Low approaching from the sw about to phase with the low to the north or ne. Still issues with shortwave energy coming down sw from Iceland. This stops a cleaner pull south of colder air but could still change at this timeframe . Several outcomes are still possible for next weekend . Wet and windy mild for most. Wet windy and mild in the south and central areas colder further north with snow. Dry and cold in the north , snow over central areas, wet and mild in the south. Snow in the south fringing into central areas, dry and cold further north. Those outcomes are down to the different tracks of the low, they are also effected by phase point of low to the sw and to the n or ne.
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    The cavalry have arrived!! The street is clear of snow and there's a John Deere at my gate!
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    Not long now and the chirruping of our feathered friends will greet the sun and not the chirping of the chionophiles Oh the joy!!
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    We’ve had a great day diving into snow drifts here! I know snow can get a bit tiresome after a while (Not to me ?) but we thought we better enjoy it while we can! Has been flaking away all day though, expecting to go to sleep and wake up to another covering!
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    Went to the Pennines in the end. Should have gone to Teesdale, but there wasn't time, so settled for Weardale. Couple of shots...
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    Had some more snow/graupel showers throughout the night and the first part of today with a gradual thaw of the lying snow, looks like it could start as snow tomorrow afternoon before turning back to sleet/rain however throughout this week looks like more wintry weather could be on the way as the colder air hangs on and moves further south at times. 2.3C / -3.8C 993.8hpa
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    My missus is great at this, and they always back down, they hate it. anyway, been out with dogs between wee snow showers.
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    Another pic from my son in Ebbw Vale,now that's a drift!
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    Ok last few pics of the snow, couldn’t resist turning the snowman on his head!! Quite pleased with my snow pile! ?
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    Just posted this in the regional but thought I would post it here aswell. Overall a pretty decent cold spell with temps never getting above freezing this week and many days of snow actually falling. Currently have a very decent covering here as photos from other members in Peterborough have shown. Only negative comments is I cannot help thinking to myself what if? What if during Wednesday when the coldest upper temps, lowest thickness values were over the UK, the winds were a ENE,ly rather than the ESE,ly? All the snow that fell across Scotland/NE England would of hit here instead? What if the cold spell occurred in Dec/Jan? even colder temps and more importantly the snowfall would of been much greater due to warmer N Sea SSTs. So whilst a decent cold spell it still didn't match those E,lys I remember in the 1980s especially with regards to convective snowfall.
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    Nice post Daniel,snow does indeed bring the best out of people, I certain Bly concur that it has been a long time ng wait even up her in the North East but ell worth waiting for,lets raise a glass for the next freeze!
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    Checking back at the eps clusters from the morning and we are looking at something potentially notable in two weeks time re amplification. We have seen a few gfs ops playing with something around mid month, expect more
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