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    That's awfull news Legritter thoughts to you and your family,keep strong and keep posting,I am sure I speak for all,when saying the whole of net weather community are with you. C.S.
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    That is awful news L, My thoughts and I am sure everyone on here is with you and your wife. Have you asked for support to you both from Macmillan Nurses, they help with all the problems you will be facing?
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    No significant changes with last evening’s anomalies so the medium range outlook remains as previously stated. Perhaps the UK trough and mid Atlantic high pressure nudging a tad east as expected. So on to more pressing matters and the upcoming weather which is concentrating minds. Quite an active front crossing the country today with some quite heavy bursts of rain in it’s proximity and weather in your area is dependent on whether you are east or west of it. Wednesday a much better day although still a fairly healthy westerly with some showers in the north before the deterioration sets in on Thursday. By midday the new low is between Iceland and Scotland with the associated fronts already impacting N. Ireland and western Scotland. These track quickly ESE and by midday Friday the low is over the Hebrides 987mb with the UK in a showery north westerly, perhaps also some longer periods of rain. A classic scenario with the high pressure pushing north in mid Atlantic The centre of the low drifts away to the North east over Saturday leaving the UK in a cool, showery, northerly with perhaps the odd perturbation developing in the circulation but this is just the prelude to the next visitation from the WNW. By 12z Sunday the next low 975mb is south of Iceland with the fronts impacting the north west This quickly develops as it merges with the old low and by 06Z Monday we have an intense feature 977mb over western Scotland which swings east into the North Sea and fills during the day. Depending precisely how this develops it could bring strong winds and heavy rain in some places for a time but I suspect this is still a long way from being done and dusted
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    Ice extent is currently above the 2010's average which is remarkable considering where we were 6 months ago. https://ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop/#/extent
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    Please please please can we have just one season where we don't have threads spiraling into this bloody coldies vs mildies crap!? It's childish and ruins the threads for those of us who are here purely for the weather.
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    One thing's for sure: Irma will play havoc with Donald Trump's golf swing!
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    anybody STILL think september is a summer month?... lol... seriously, even if it was sunny and warm, the leaves are clearly turning, they have lost there summer verdant glow, the growth has stopped, everythings shabby, dying, shutting down. imho its high time the 'official' seasonal dates were changed to the metereological ones which reflesct natures idea of the seasons far more accurately.
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    Irma is really getting getting it's actually together over the last few hours.
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    I was almost in heaven today, perhaps in winter I would have found it perfect. I was at the Belvedere Glacier on Monte Rosa. Anyone remember my snow stick measurer from winter? I found a real one today Some of the pics failed to upload due to the file size being 10mb+ so I will do an album once I am home next week and I'll upload more pics. I know a few of you will find the pics interesting for various reasons. The Alps are epic. I am running out of superlatives.
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    Wow the Gfs 12z out to around T+240 hours attracts vigorous atlantic depressions to the uk like bees to a honeypot, very unsettled with lows occasionally merging bringing plenty of wet and windy weather with generally rather cool temperatures..further into low res there is a slight improvement with winds easing but overall it's an unsettled autumnal run with some hazardous weather likely across the uk at times from later this week and throughout next week according to this run..certainly not boring!
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    Hello, I'm not sure which category this topic fits into, so I'm just posting here. nearly 2 weeks ago, I & my family traveled to Greenville, South Carolina, USA (from Florida) to see the total solar eclipse of August 21st, 2017. The event was spectacular and awe-inspiring. Photos and videos do not give away the incredible feeling of seeing it in real life. Images: A few minutes after the partial eclipse begun. Image taken through solar eclipse glasses. About midway through... Just a few minutes left by this point.. The diamond-ring effect seconds before totality. video:
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    We've entered the month of most loss of daylight; my most permanent location, Birmingham, loses 1 hour and 57 minutes of daylight in September. Meanwhile, the Isles of Scilly lose 1 hour and 46 minutes of daylight over the course of the month, and Lerwick loses a whopping 2 hours and 38 minutes!
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    you expect us to accept your constant moanings about summer warmth, but cant seem to comprehend that some of us dont like cold weather. you cite hayfever, i cite intollerance to cold .
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    Winteriest week of the year in Tasmania. Maybe snow close to sealevel in the Hobart area on Friday!
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    GFS 18z is keeping the core of Irma just offshore of Cuba; ECM is closer to the island but the eye still just misses landfall. I'm not sure how close the storm would have to get for its circulation to become significantly disrupted but I can see only minimal weakening at this point. Of course Florida's gain would be Cuba's loss and it doesn't look like there's any scenario on the table which would avoid at least one intense landfall (if Irma manages to stay east of Florida it's very likely it will hit at least one of the Bahamas on the way, probably Andros). Regarding intensity, while the GFS is clearly smoking something the ECM if anything looks undercooked to me. It's showing 960+mb until it passes Puerto Rico and still only 950mb on approach to Cuba - yet it's already down to 944mb. Do the models factor in EWRCs? I'm not sure what else could account for the rise in pressure, as conditions in the days ahead only look favourable for strengthening.
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    Interesting to see 1996 and 2008 sharing such teleconnections - assume you mean 08/09, not 07/08... Both brought quite a varied autumn with a bit of everything, though no real warmth, and in November some cold wintry conditions at times, thanks to northerly incursions, indeed mid atlantic high ridging north was the theme. December 2008 and 1996 also brought a cold anticyclonic period, though of different strength and timing, in 2008 it was earlier on in the month, whereas in 1996 it was generally cold throughout notably so later on. Jan 09 brought episodic cold, followed by a cold first half to Feb with lots of snow, then very mild, Jan 97 started very cold, but then turned milder, Feb though was devoid of any cold. I'd take an autumn like 2008, 1996, and a winter first half like 1996 followed by second half like 2009.
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    This accords with my views - based on my reading re: solar/lunar/Earth dynamics and cycles. Sorry for an enigmatic post, but I've come hotfoot here after looking for a winter thread (prob a bit too soon) - via a search for White Christmas odds! A southerly jet with regular incursions from a very cold Arctic/Northern Europe is my punt for what is on the cards. Mods: feel free to move this somewhere more appropriate.
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    You do know, of course that this year will be the first one ever where Scotland gets nae snaw at aw and the Peak District gets 6 ft of it ...
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    A really nice late summer day today. Took advantage with a walk along the Southern Upland way to Minch Moor summit near Traquair. Touching 17 C at times in the sun. A light breeze to keep you cool though during the climb, so perfect. Heather reaching the end of its bloom, but still fragrant. Had tae keep dragging the wee yin away from the blaeberries so we could make it up and down on time. Lovely; borders at their best.
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    First time I've seen a funnel cloud, view from Scopwick looking towards Raf Digby 1st Sep 19.04 Wish I had got out and got a better shot with my phone but there it is.
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    Havent posted for a while, but its time I guess, that I share a thought or two. I will start off with my own version of the QBO timeseries, which I did not name the QBO, because it looks at the whole layer between 1-100mb, while QBO is mainly looked at 10-50mb or 30-50mb, depending on the use or the dataset. I wanted this to be a high-resolution version of the FU Berlin graphic, that can be found here: FU Berlin QBO and which we are all well familiar with. The difference is, I wanted to make an HD one, in colour, and using a high resolution ECMWF reanalysis dataset, and using daily (yes daily) data, instead of monthly data like FU Berlin, because it gives a better (smoother) appearance. This is just version one of the graphic. i will update it as needed. We see at the end of the series, that the negative values (easterlies) are moving down. Looking at a recent analysis, we do see a large area of easterlies in the mid stratosphere, going down to -40m/s in the core. The last time we had such strong easterlies in these parts of the stratosphere in late summer, was far back in 1986. It just so happens to be the same year that we were also in a "solar minima" going for a negative QBO for the winter. And the winter of 86/87 was one to remember across Europe. I am not saying that it will repeat the same winter, but am jsut looking for the closest example to current situation as far as topical stratosphere winds go. The forecast of course begins the onset of the new polar vortex, which co-exists with the easterlies above the tropics. Comparing the above graphics with 1986, we do see just how similar the setup above us is. The setup down lower tho, is up for discussion. After a few years, this is probably the most exciting entrance to a new polar jet season for me personally, since there is finally something worth experimenting with. best regards.
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