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    Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean indicates an increasingly settled / warm spell developing next week as the azores high builds across the uk..a very summery spell looks like its on the way...flaming June.
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    Awesome and unexpected storm tonight, lots of flashing, rumbles and the odd strike to ground! Totally unforecasted
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    Moderate rain and currently 9c.The reason I know this is were woken by a terrible noise outside the house which appears to have been a fight between badgers or a cat and badgers although to dark to tell. One cat rescued from hedge and we now know the reason the dog was growling earlier this evening as badgers seem to be patrolling round the house every night just now.
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    a long funnel cloud just past Calshot spit...pretty close...past quickly...the wind was a high roaring sound.
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    Had a small storm last night at 11.30pm. Counted five flashes and one rumble on the first flash. I think it sideswiped us which is why I could see the subsequent flashes light up the room but was too far away for the rest of the thunder to be audible. The rain was really heavy which was nice. Sent me to sleep. A storm loving mate of mine who lives to the south of Sevenoaks said it came right over him and was very loud.
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    Got woken unexpectedly by a really loud crack! Plenty of lightning including some good close CG's. A very nice surprise!
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    The sunrise was gorgeous this morning: Today should be fairly decent here but tomorrow looks damp and breezy for many of us.
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    Where did that come from, like others watered the garden to make sure things didn't totally dry out due to the wind. Woke up to a major thunderstorm lots lightening, plenty of rain, almost overhead That must be around the 5/6th thunderstorm this year so far, pretty good seeing as early June.
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    Incorrect I was on the hills just outside of Hythe and there were numerous strikes to ground... Great radar returns too!
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    Torrential rain and lot's of lighting & thunder really wasn't expecting this don't know what to wacht the storm or the film we started watching lol 3rd. Storm in a couple of weeks.
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    There was a massive thunderclap here in Dover earlier, it woke a lot of people up (evidently from bedroom lights going on). Some pretty heavy rain right now too.
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    In Cuxton here with a great view to the south, getting a good light show.
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    Lots of visible lightening here at the top of the hill in New ash Green - Cloud tops look a little away to the east - say M26 bound- first storm for me here
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    Had about 4-5 flashes and rumbles here. Still can't believe it as I wasn't expecting much in the way of rain let alone thundery activity
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    absolutely hammering it down now. It took me ages to water the plants this evening if I knew this was going to arrive I would'nt of bothered....lol
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    Just saw some IC out toward east London from my 10th floor office view in west London
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    Been darn sarf for a few days, got wet repeatedly. Visited youngest HC in Edinburgh on the way home today and got drenched just looking for a cafe. Home this evening, got hosed just unloading the car. Garden flourishing, house cold. Not complaining, yet.
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    8th June 2017 Medium Term (8-14 days) Slowly turning more settled for Southern parts of the UK with High Pressure rising albeit with a westerly flow to start the week. At this stage it seems likely that this High Pressure will build over the UK by the end of next week. This High Pressure though generally modelled to last into the following weekend. In the immediate run up to the Glastonbury, there is a wide variety of options with no real certainty. After the gates open Three of the runs shows High Pressure over or ridging over the UK, over the course of the festival, three of the runs have low pressure at some stage, with one keeping High Pressure in control. NOAA Charts 6-10 day charts shows dominant High pressure over the UK, while the 8-14 day charts shows a ride of High Pressure over the UK. Total Rainfall All 4 GFS runs have total rainfall for the Glastonbury area below 25mm over the next 16 days, so currently looking pretty dry. However slightly further north is much wetter, so a slight word of caution. Ensembles After this weekend, pressure rising with pressure over 1025mb, this only slowly dropping back with more uncertainty around the festival start, average pressure back to 1015mb. Rainfall amounts are looking low for the duration of the run. Thoughts Currently looking quite good for at least a good build up to the festival weather wise.
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    GFS on the left still giving us a hard time as it breaks a low away east from the main Atlantic trough and so keeps the jet flatter and in fact travelling right across central UK. A shallow low is also generated over France which moves NE to Scandi where it encourages the ridge to take on not the greatest of orientations for warmth as it finally manages to build through the UK over the following few days. UKMO keeps things simpler with no breakaway Atlantic low and nothing consolidating over Europe anywhere near the UK, but we do see the ridge showing more sign compared to previous runs of the extended ridge breaking in two. Any split-off would be likely to stall somewhere close to our east and gain some strength as the Atlantic trough drives warm air over it aloft (which then sinks and reinforces the ridge). We'd warm up a fair bit but be at risk of a thundery breakdown occurring before long. It's probable, though, that the trough out west would align similar to what the ECM 00z showed at +168, in which case the Azores High will extend a new ridge to the NE to join with our current run and something similar to that ECM run would follow. - that being a run that showed an outcome that was a bit flatter than the UKMO 12z but without the breakaway low of the GFS 12z, which is optimal for a fast-track to warmth without sacrificing stability. Hopefully the 12z ECM won't follow the GFS 12z with it's irritating complications. I know the 00z yesterday was along similar lines so the outcome likely remains among the EC Ens. somewhere. Seems like we often struggle to achieve those nice neat transitions to a fine spell, but there's still plenty of hope at the moment. Oh and GEM's nice again, for anyone wondering; +144 is close to the UKMO 12z but slightly to the NW with the ridge position, which suggests to me that the reinforcement from the SW remains more likely than the split-off scenario
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    I remember seeing this picture on Flickr at the beginning of December 2010.. it's of Cookridge Street in Leeds. I always thought it was very atmospheric. Almost like it was taken 100 years prior.
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    Plums, conkers, hawthorn berries, apples; Autumn's here already if you know where to look !!
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