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    Really!? Mind you my wife voted to remain which resulted in much debate in our house. However its been quite warm this summer so the dog kennel hasnt felt to bad
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    Good Morning MIA and other fellow posters, An interesting post. You oft accuse us "Remoaners" of not providing facts but totally relying on opinions. I know that I am awaiting a SpecSavers appointment but your post appears to me to be totally bereft of facts and totally reliant upon purely biased opinion. To give an example what makes you believe that we will become a second rate country if we had remained within the EU? What guarantee can you give that we will not be a second rate country outwith the EU once we do not have the benefit of relatively unfettered trade with our European neighbours? What evidence do you have that the vast majority of UK citizens are anti European or have you been reading too much propaganda in the Daily Fail and the Daily Depress? I do not see the exclusivity betwixt wanting to be Pro-european and wanting what is best for our country. It does not make us less patriotic to want us to play a full part in the world instead of becoming a isolationist crop of rock off the European coast to appease jingoistic yearnings from some members of our society who still believe that we can revert back to the days of the empire when much of the world maps showed vast expanses of pink to denote that we ruled over them giving rise to the phrase that "The sun never sets on the British Empire" .Unfortunately it did and Brexiters should "Get over it" (Sorry I could not resist it) Finally what evidence do you have that we will be in a stronger economic position being outside the largest trading grouping in the world? Kind Regards Dave
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    No mention of this on Reporting Scotland. Just something about somebody disrespecting Ruth Davidson during a political satire/comedy show. I guess this is more important than the Scottish economy.
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    It's all down to misconceptions and semi recent history. The 2 wars, probably could go back further too.
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    http://www.disswebsites.com/article/take-a-look-back-at-diss-in-1947--ice-skating-is-how-they-rolled-back-then.html My hometown of Diss, before my time. I was lucky enough to step into the Mere when it was slightly frozen one winter, but am very envious of people who got to skate on it years ago :-)
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    This delusion is most prevalent in the Tory backbench lunatics who have started up yet another group called Leave Means Leave, they won't be satisfied unless the UK is towed 2000 miles into the Atlantic and completely isolates itself from Europe. I'm going to start up another group called You Got Your Brexit Now STFU! lol
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    The Geomagnetic Blitz of September 1941 https://eos.org/features/the-geomagnetic-blitz-of-september-1941 Seventy-five years ago, on 18–19 September 1941, the Earth experienced a great magnetic storm, one of the most intense ever recorded. It arrived at a poignant moment in history, when radio and electrical technology was emerging as a central part of daily life and when much of the world was embroiled in World War II, which the United States had not yet officially entered. The illuminated night sky exposed an Allied convoy to German attack. Auroras danced across the night sky as voltage surged in power grid lines. A radio blackout interrupted fan enjoyment of a baseball game, while another radio program was interrupted by private phone conversations. Citizens, already on edge, wondered if neon lights were some sort of antiaircraft signal. And far away in the North Atlantic, the illuminated night sky exposed an Allied convoy to German attack. These effects raised awareness within the scientific community and among the public of the societal significance of the effects that the Sun and outer space can have on the Earth—what we now call space weather.
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    It's been a fine day in Angus/Aberdeenshire. Long sunny intervals, slight breeze and high of around 18C.
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    Agree with some on here, it's still t-shirt and shorts weather for me here in Birmingham. If you're out and about 16C isn't cold at all.
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    and this year it's been extended from just WIND, to wind, rain/flooding and snow!
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    You hang onto it mate - Thinking about it further it would not be beyond precedent for an arrangement to be reached whereby those of whose who wished to remain EU Citizens should no be allowed to do so. What I am thinking of here is the Irish Republic - just under 100 years ago they fought for and won their independence as a nation which went through various stage stages of becoming a republic. Yet the Irish have always been permitted to come over to the UK and have full rights as UK citizens, including the right to vote in our elections. It is certainly worth considering and may possibly be done, except that the EU is not a state per se and therefore not able to grant such citizenship for overall EU membership without having that in a particular EU state. Then in that case we will be left at the mercy of individual EU states which may have differing attitudes this with some requiring a 'nationalising' process which variously involves proof by ancestry or qualifications of residence which is not practical for most of us. It may be that the EU may be able to influence some states in agreeing to this - what I am thinking of as the most likely solution is that the current free movement of the Irish to the UK be made more reciprocal to the extent that the Irish would consider issuing Irish passports to Brits who still wish to retain their EU citizenship.
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    They now feel save enough in the UK to hold events such as this without fear....scary stuff... http://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/sinister-neo-nazi-gang-set-11904707 Incidentally, when I first saw this story, some of the pictures had Union flags in them. I'm now struggling to find any pictures showing it? Mainstream media manipulation again because they don't want to show that these fascists are British Unionist fascists?
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    I've considered myself to be European ever since I started learning about UK history. Ain't no idiotic plebiscite gonna change that. Isn't colloquial grammar a truly wonderful thing!
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    Ahhh I love this thread soooo much! Makes the run to winter so much more exciting!
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    ECM also follows the GFS suit in bringing some very warm air across the UK again by the end of the run (850s up around 15c again!) though less settled as the ridge doesn't build in as much. I guess much will depend on how the TD interacts once more, but either way I don't think it will be desperately unsettled. GEM looks well wide of the mark to me, as amazing as that low looks!
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    The thing is, Yes voters can see the future. Or at least they are damn good at calling it. Everything that Yes warned about has come to pass. It was all said on here and elsewhere. Brexit is going to be a disaster. A huge one. I can see no evidence for anything other than that outcome. Sorry if you wanted the UK to work out, but the only way to avoid the coming crapstorm is to vote for independence.
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    Personally I'll hold my nose and stick with an imperfect EU rather than the isolation that will happen to RUk post brexit. The EU has its faults (Greece anyone?) but it will either reform or wither. The important point is when Scotland takes control of her own destiny then we will make our own choices on our relationships and treaties. We are Nation rich in talent, resource and culture. We do not need 'the London look'.
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    I don't think it's fake. Their as been a lot of speculation regarding the sun and the temps we experience this solar max as been very low so the minimum could be extremely low. Whether that will be enough to create very low temps remains to be seen. Some papers also say that the current rate in which the earth is warming may offset any potential cool down. Interesting period coming up. Add to that the low ice in the artic which may cool the waters due to ice melting which in turn may slow the Atlantic conveyor belt there is a lot to keep our eyes on over the next few years
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    Mikes post re dual citizenship brings up an interesting question. Let's say in some imaginary future those who wanted to keep their EU citizenship had a choice how many leavers would switch to just the British passport? Would the 52% all be switching? The EU referendum in effect has stripped rights from people who wanted to keep them and Leavers wonder why Remainers are so disappointed at the result. Looking at the reverse what rights would Leavers have been giving up if the UK voted to Remain? In most democratic votes it's rare to find an example where 48% of the population end up with less rights afterwards than before.
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    Must say tonight's Ecm is looking very amplified and increasingly benign, even possibly for parts of Scotland and N Ireland, as we go through next week owing to that huge swathe of high pressure down over Southern Europe which seemingly refuses to do a hike. Can only hope at this early stage that this feature will not become a major player during the upcoming season.
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    Most of that post is waffle unsubstantiated by any scientific evidence that it has having any major effect on global warming or climate change which is down to the rapid dispersion of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by human intervention over the last 150 years. And what exactly is your understanding of the AMO effect and what big changes could it cause in the models? I ask because this subject has been discussed previously in this section in the bad old days when unsubstantiated opinions were rife and caused a certain amount of mayhem. The conclusion was/is that ocean cycles do not impact on global warming per se, merely the rate. Remember this? https://tamino.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/amo/ I've noticed a distinct tendency of late of the return of the old days which can be illustrated quite easily with a one line quote from your initial post.
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    For whatever reason, the latest from CFSv2 is keen on a very settled first half of October: You may dream of chilly nights, foggy mornings and mellow sunshine, but you may not take this model too seriously
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    Lord Willets was a fantastic science minister i thought, one of my four favourate cabinet ministers in the coalition (Gove, Alexander and Hague). The space industry has gone from strength to strength and our relative position in terms of innovation improved.
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    MIA, how many more times must I say that the EU is a lot more than just ledgers sheet - as I said in my post, yes the EU is going through a bit of a rough time at the moment - the leaders are very aware of this and working on plans for improvement and reformation. It takes longer than a normal single state because the decision making progress has to go through 27(8) different states. There are plans to Federalise which should quicken things up and for my part it does not present me with any fears - in fact it will be an advantage. The main thing is that we have a continent reasonably united which until the formation of the forerunners of the EU has been beset with wars pretty well throughout its history and apart from the Balkans it has been at peace since 1945 and should remain at peace as long as the EU continues. It is no mean feat considering its former history. It allows the people within its borders to live at peace with freedom and democracy anywhere they wish within its borders, all with equal rights. In fact it is a great idea and the first time in the history of the world that anything has been tried in this manner and on this scale. Man does not live by bread alone. As I said above, I have no fear of federalisation - together we will be stronger - the point is I am a European citizen at the moment - this is something a value greatly and it is part of my identity but it is likely that a Brexit will take this away from me without my consent - this is something I resent most bitterly - why should this be taken away because of the pipe dream of others who wish for a xenophobic Shangri La with no specific plans as how this is going to be achieved? The people who are stopping me from retaining this citizenship are the remainers like yourselves who put your own personal dreams over our freedoms. You gloss over the details of obtaining EU citizenship as though it is no big deal but for many who are settling, working and have a family in the UK it is impractical. For most it can either be done through ancestry or by living in the adopted country of their choice and learning the language of that country. The other thing you should consider is even if we all decided we would up sticks and live in another EU country of our choice, how do you think the EU would continue to prosper with 16 million less inhabitants and read the demographics of the voters to decide their importance this country. I could just as easily say you that if you do not want to be subsumed into Europe you could also take the opportunity of migrating to another anglophone country - at least you would not have to learn a new language. The fact of resenting having my dual nationality as you call it is not at all self centred - that description really does apply to those who wish to take it away without any consideration of what it means. I dare say that if we remained and were subsumed into this federated EU I doubt that the vast majority would not even notice - life would still continue much the same as it does now with everyday lives remaining unaffected. Some may even become to like it. It is not a question of fractionalising which portion of us feel British or European or both - You are a Midlander living at Solihull - do you feel more a Brummie than a Brit? It really is, as in my case and I suspect most of the remainers that we do feel both British and European - the two co-exist within ourselves. There are others who feel purely English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, sometimes to the exclusion of the others - do you think that it a good thing? Then we have others who think of themselves that as well as being of the preceding four are British above that, then we take it one stage further and we have the final group who consider themselves that as well as being one of the four and British, they are also European. In fact if you check our DNA back through the ages I think you will find that the majority of us living in this country are in fact European by ancestry.
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    It was a great day out yesterday at the tennis!! Gutted about the result but amazing to see Andy play and win again!!
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    Part of me thinks the Tories don't have the guts for a Brexit of any kind, it's been three months and the chickens are staying very firmly on the pavement.
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    30 years averages for 1st-21st March/ December: 1781-1810: 4.2/ 3.4 1791-1820: 4.6/ 3.5 1801-1830: 5.1/ 4.0 1811-1840: 5.2/ 4.6 1821-1850: 5.3/ 4.9 1831-1860: 5.0/ 4.6 1841-1870: 4.8/ 4.8 1851-1880: 5.0/ 4.3 1861-1890: 4.8/ 4.0 1871-1900: 4.9/ 3.9 1881-1910: 4.7/ 4.4 1891-1920: 5.0/ 4.9 1901-1930: 5.3/ 4.7 1911-1940: 5.3/ 4.6 1921-1950: 5.3/ 4.6 1931-1960: 5.3/ 4.8 1941-1970: 5.2/ 4.7 1951-1980: 5.2/ 4.9 1961-1990: 5.3/ 4.8 1971-2000: 6.0/ 5.2 1981-2010: 6.2/ 4.8 The averages have really diverged in recent years owing to December's cooling trend and March's warming trend. Many of the 30 year averages were quite similar, with the 1841-1870 averages both at 4.8C. No March averages were colder than their corresponding December averages.
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    Aye, but they are 'furriners' so obviously know nowt.
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    My European passport expires next year. If I renew it now, will the Brexiteers strip me of it?
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    And - as is always the case during Tory regimes - woe betide anyone who has the temerity to become sick or disabled!
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    i cant manage to class myself as European to be honest i dont class myself as British either. Im English my family is/was English all the way back as far as i can research,1600s however times are a changing and i dare say my son may have different views when he gets older.
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    Chart for the 240 ECM for those interested:
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    There were charts like that for Gaston and it just fizzled out, maybe Karl will do same.
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    A few more dots in Eastern Siberia, also Lapland/Northern Norway appears to have had a winter visit
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    Merkle in trouble in Germany. I wonder if events elsewhere may impact on future negotiations.
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    We tried all-year-round summer time from 1968-71. The reason the experiment was abandoned was because it was an unmitigated disaster. However you muck about with the clock, you still only have about eight hours of daylight around the winter solstice. I clearly recollect riding a bike to work in the dark mornings with black ice still on the roads because the sun didn't rise until after 9am. Schoolkids being knocked down on the way to school on dark mornings by drivers who hadn't wakened fully. I don't mind moving the start of summer time to 1st March, but most definitely not all year.
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    They want it in service again for brexit negotiations, but yes, your right it wont be called the called the royal yacht 'Britannia', it going to be Boris McBorisface
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    Today in the Sunday express online they managed to print a story about " the worst winter in 60 years " without noticing it was a rehash of a 2013 story, the complete give away was that it contained a long range forecast from 2013, and the http link contained a reference to 2013, wow a forecast accurate 3 yrs in advance , what kind of super computer does the express have. Mind you in 2015 it was going to be the worse winter in 50 years on 10th Jan this year they predicted the coldest winter for 58 years ( very specific ) " an Arctic Snowbomb" But on 18th Feb they had backed down and predicted "ARCTIC gales, snow and freezing rain is sweeping Britain today with the entire country facing the worst winter blast for at least a year." Not the worst winter blast for at least a year , what since the last winter , how odd. They got that one right at least. Anyway I will predict now, that this winter will be the harshest winter since last winter, and next summer will be the hottest since last summer. Maybe they will give me a job. Obviously making up stories about the weather is useful when covering up more painful truths. BTW I don't read the express , I was looking for news on my home town on a woman who had a fight in McD's
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    Isn't science one of those areas where if you fall behind it's damned difficult to catch up again especially if our British Scientists are not being kept in the loop by their continental counterparts and isn't R& D some times very expensive - isn't that why we share the costs now?
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    (edit Oct 1st) With three new record highs (one a tied occurrence) from 13th to 15th September, then there were 16 CET maximum daily mean records (includes two ties) in the period running from 6 Nov 2015 to 15 Sep 2016 (315 days). The previous record for that short an interval appears to be 13 records (also one tied) from 31 May 1947 to 9 March 1948 (284 days). This expanded to 17 (one tied) when the four records 27-30 July 1948 were added, a period of 427 days. Also, from 4 August 1975 to 8 July 1976, there were 15 records until 1 July fell to 2015, so now in the records, 14 (three ties) in 340 days. There were ten records (includes one tie) from 11 Jan to 14 Oct 1990 (277 days) and ten (one tie) in the period 19 Nov 1994 to 9 Oct 1995 (325 days). These are the only periods when ten of the current records were set within a year (nine were set from July 2006 to April 2007 but 13 September 2006 was lost to 2016 so that now stands at eight) If we go back to Oct 2014, we have set 19 records within two years (earlier I said 20 but then realized that one of the (Dec) 2014 records was overtaken in 2015. Over 245 years that would average three (perhaps closer to four given that we are counting ties as records set).
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    Think the only thing that can salvage this for Hillary is a hack of the RNC. Trump masterfully played the media again today. There are many candidates I would have preferred but I must say his destruction of CNN, MSNBC etc is hilarious.
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    hope a few storm starved got their fix last night, bit of a no show here , but that was forecast, we got our turn on tues evening , and what a show it was , more so to the east of here in the manchester area, went on chase towards it and was amazed at some of the lightning which was vivid at dusk, to be honest its not been a bad year in this part for thunder , easily 9 or 10 thunder days , some have just been a couple of rumbles , and a one or two have been quite feisty , and the good news is the irish sea to the west of here is quite warm, any unstable cold uppers going into autumn and winter could give some good coastal convection
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    No sign yet of a real push from the Atlantic despite the fresher air now getting in behind the storms and rain. The fax on Monday for example still shows fronts slow moving and weakening across the UK as the Azores high starts to ridge ne towards heights already over Scandinavia. Continental/Azores heights then look like keeping the south east more settled during the coming week with any frontal systems affecting the north west more and weakening as they come south east. We can see the 06z gefs jet stream stamps for a week today showing it's favoured path going north east to the north west of Scotland and the day 10 mean pattern from the GFS Jet stream and 500hPa heights alongside the ECM day 10 mean 500hPa pattern underlines the expected north/south pressure differences,which really is something more late September-like. Still looking quite a decent setup for many with plenty of fine and dry weather away from the far north west although temperatures much closer to normal..Quite a change after the recent meridional jet pattern with the UK often on the warm side of the Atlantic trough/Continental heights which has brought some notable heat through the first half of September.
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    Good man. Like the area as well. Met my wife in nearby village at Alpbach 40 years ago ! I both like summer and winter in the Austrian Alps. Yes,this summer lacked the super storms of previous years. Missed the prolonged night time lighting shows,usually seen from over Italy way, many miles away. Cheers C
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    Much prefer dark at 8am and 4pm to light at 10pm and 4am. So much easier I find to go to bed in the dark and wake up when you want to and not when the dawn chorus starts at 3:30am!
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    While tobacco and alcohol are legal, the prohibition of substances such as cannabis is totally irrational. I presume those on here describing cannabis as dangerous are also wanting booze banned too. Prohibition does not work.
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    Continued) Two other smaller developments are relevant to this coming season. Firstly the winds high up in the Equatorial Stratosphere have turned easterly. These will impact the Circumpolar Vortex within the next month resulting in a weakening of the Circumpolar Westerlies. The Sun is also past it's active phase of the current Sunspot Cycle and it is becoming quiet. So the Sun will not be sending powerful solar flares to the Earth to impact with the magnetic field to strengthen the Westerlies this Autumn. A final point has to do with the Moon which reaches an unusually close perigee very close to the occurrence of Full Moon in September, October and November. It means strong tides in the oceans but it also means stronger "tides" in the atmosphere and a bit more of the albeit slight slowing down of that which rotates faster and is a bit closer still to large Full Moons - the subtropical and polar-front jet-streams. That ends up weakening the Westerlies a tiny bit more at times near Full Moon. For Britain and much of NW Europe the pattern of sea-surface temperature across the North Atlantic will encourage a more accentuated trough off eastern Canada whilst the northerly extent of baroclinic temperature gradients will encourage depressions formed in this trough to travel on a more northerly track than usual. The facts of La Nina, QBO Easterlies, less hurricanes, a quiet Sun and big Full Moons means that these depressions (and the Westerlies on their southern flanks) will not be especially intense. Meanwhile the relatively cooler waters under the southern wave-train of the Circumpolar Vortex to the west of Britain combined with continental cooling of mainland Europe means anticyclonic curvature will be imparted to the upper Westerlies over the UK. This suggests that there will infact be a good deal of fine dry weather this coming Autumn. I will now provide some more detail of how the Autumn is likely to unfold: Continued)
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    Consumer spending up although not widely published and allowing for seasonal adjustment the biggest rise since January. As for wages well thats business policy to drive the wages of the workers down while awarding the few at the top with huge increases.
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